Q: How important is the diet? A: The diet is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of any Beachbody Program! I tell the people that I coach that results come from 80% diet and 20% workouts, just to put it into perspective.

Q: What’s a good tool to keep track of my diet? A: A great site that I recommend is, which also has an AMAZING iPhone App!

Q: How many calories should I eat? A: All Beachbody Programs come with Nutrition Guides that will explain just how many calories you need to be consuming each day.

Q: Can you create a meal plan for me? A: Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to create meal plans, but that’s what the Beachbody Club Membership is for.

Q: Do you have any sample P90X diets? A: I have posted some sample diets of mine on my other site under the “Nutrition” tab.


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