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Jun 25

The New Vanilla Shakeology!

Vanilla ShakeologyI remember at Summit a few years ago Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, saying that Vanilla Shakeology just wasn’t going to happen. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult to get an ORGANIC vanilla flavor without cutting corners in the quality of the product. That’s not who we are or what Beachbody is all about. We are about creating products that are as good and healthy for you as you can possibly get! We are about changing lives. A few days ago, though, news broke that Beachbody FINALLY figured out a way to make Vanilla happen, and they had to travel around the world to discover it. In fact, the only place that they could find that produced a vanilla bean with the kind of quality that Beachbody wanted was in Madagascar. Now, we have a new flavor of Shakeology, and boy is it good!

What is Shakeology?

Before I get into one of my favorite recipes for the new vanilla flavor, what the heck is it? It’s a meal replacement shake that I’ve been taking every day for the past 3 years. Before I started taking it, though, I thought it was pretty expensive and that I couldn’t make it fit into my budget, but a friend of mine explained that if you use it how it’s supposed to be used, as a meal replacement, it will justify the cost. I then started replacing my lunches with it, and actually ended up SAVING about $6 per meal, $120 per month! Shakeology is literally the healthiest shake that you can possibly drink, having NOTHING bad for it in you. Don’t believe me, check the ingredient list yourself. You talk about high quality, this tops the list. Anyways, in addition to using it as a meal replacement, I’ve been using it lately as a post workout supplement as well, and have seen the best results I’ve ever seen since then. I am probably as lean as I was back after my first round of P90X, but am 13 lbs heavier because of the muscle mass I’ve added on. I’m convinced it’s because I’m feeding my muscles with the proper nutrients, protein, and carbs that’s in Shakeology.

Because I got excellent results from it, I started recommending it to all my friends, family, and the people that I coach (if I’m not your Coach yet, click here, it’s free to sign up). The majority of the people who have used it CONSISTENTLY (not just one day or week) has experienced some sort of results from it. For example, my dad lost 35 lbs, mom 15 lbs, sister 25 lbs, and wife 35 lbs, all from using it on a daily basis. I actually lost about 15 lbs or so during my first month of using it, and since then I’ve been hooked! Thousands (yes, thousands) of people I know have tried and been using it every day just like me. It’s something that WORKS, and that’s why I recommend it so much.

My Favorite Vanilla Recipe

Like I said, Beachbody just released the new Vanilla Shakeology, and I’ll tell you what, this stuff is GOOD! I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but with the recipe that I used, I’m more than thrilled, and can’t wait to start using this along with my other flavors. Anyways, here’s my favorite recipe to use with the vanilla. Make sure you blend these up! 🙂

  • 8 oz. unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 serving Vanilla Shakeology
  • 1 teaspoon raw local Honey
  • 1 tablespoon organic Peanut Butter
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup of Ice

What about Vanilla Shakeology samples? Yeah, I’ve got those too. We wanted to be one of the first to send out samples of the new flavor, so we decided to purchase a box of samples right there at the Beachbody Coach Summit and are ready to send them out. However, there are a few requirements first!

  1. I have to be your Beachbody Coach! If not, click here.
  2. You have to be SERIOUS about purchasing if you like the taste! I have no issue with sending out the sample, but if you don’t plan on purchasing if you like the taste, please don’t request one because it does cost me about $10 to send out a sample. This is something that I’m confident will work for you because of how it did for me, my family, friends, and the other people I coach, so please only request one if you’re really looking to make a change in your health! To request one, either contact me on my Facebook Page or email me at

Vanilla Shakeology is definitely one of my new favorite flavors in addition to the Tropical and Chocolate Vegan, and I’m really looking forward to incorporating it into my diet. It seriously rocks, and I’m very impressed with it’s natural vanilla taste. Shakeology is truly amazing, and I’m so glad that Beachbody came out with such a high quality product!

Jun 05

Instagram Fitness Photos @JoshSpencer8

instagram fitnessMy name is Josh Spencer, I’m a Star Diamond, Elite, and Top Beachbody Coach, and if you don’t already know, I constantly post Instagram fitness photos that reflect my fitness lifestyle. Since the day I finished up my first round of P90X, I’ve taken personal responsibility of helping as many people achieve results like I did. When Instagram came around, it provided me just another way to inspire, motivate, and help others going through their own fitness journey.

As you can see above, my Instagram fitness account is @JoshSpencer8. One of the instagram fitness josh spencerthings that I constantly post on Instagram are fitness moves, and I try to break them down as much as possible. I will have 2 or 3 separate pictures, showing step by step on how to do the fitness exercise. If there are more steps in the move, I always explain below the picture how to do the move the proper way.

One of the other Instagram fitness photos that I’m constantly posting are the supplements that I use, how I make them, and when I take them. Over the course of 5 years of researching supplements, experimenting with different supplements, I have found certain supplements that work best for me, I will recommend them to others, and occasionally post those on Instagram. Keep a look out for them!

I don’t always post Instagram fitness photos, though, and will occasionally post post pictures of my family or things that inspire me. Family is my first priority in life, and I don’t mind showing the world how much my family means to me!

If you’re looking for inspiring Instagram fitness photos, be sure to follow me @JoshSpencer8! If you would like to reach out to me, feel free to “LIKE” my Facebook Page and send me a message. I will help you in any way I can!

Jun 01

P90X Results of My Entire Family!

P90X Results Josh Spencer

My P90X Results

March 2008, it was about midnight and I was sitting on the couch watching TV eating a bowl of ice cream with half a bottle of chocolate hard shell on top. I’m not going to lie, it was delicious, but as I was sitting there, a P90X informercial came on TV. For a while before that, I was looking for something to get me back into shape after gaining 25 lbs caused by the stress of my job, bad eating habits, and lack of exercising, but couldn’t find a diet and exercise program that I felt was right for me. When I watched the P90X informercial, it was the first time that I felt like a program was right for me, so I went online and purchased it. To make a long story short, I committed myself 100% to the workout program and the diet, NEVER cheated on my diet or skipped a workout, and ended up losing 25 lbs and literally getting into the best shape of my entire life! I had NO IDEA that my P90X results would inspire my ENTIRE FAMILY to make a change! Let me explain how.

How My Family’s Lives Changed With P90X

After I got my P90X results, people started coming to me for help. I wasn’t a Beachbody Coach at the time, but every night after work I would go back home and answer emails and messages from people wanting to get into shape themselves, and usually I was up doing it till 1 or 2 AM! It felt amazing to me to be able to give back, and I developed a passion for health and fitness and helping others make a change themselves. Shortly thereafter, I became a Beachbody Coach and started helping more people. Now as you probably know, getting your parent’s and immediate family involved in ANYTHING that you do is a TOUGH TASK, and it was no different for me. My parents weren’t the least bit interested in making a change even though they needed it. Instead, they would purposely eat potato skins in front of me while I sipped on my water, and then try as hard as they possibly could to get me to cave, but I never would.

P90X Results Terry Spencer

Dad’s P90X Results

Fast forward about a year. I started to notice my father’s health begin to deteriorate, and I’m not going to lie, it scared the s&%^ out of me! I was worried for him, and saw started seeing signs of pre-diabetis. His diet consisted of nothing but candy bars, sugar, sugar, more sugar, and fried foods! It got to the point where I couldn’t sit back and watch this happen to him, so I had a heart to heart with him. I told him that he needed to stop being so damn selfish and to start living a healthy lifestyle so that he’s around for me and the rest of the family when we’re older. I said that if

Mom's P90X Results

Mom’s P90X Results

he didn’t change, he could easily have a heart attack and die, and that he really needed to think about what he was doing. I told him I would help him 100% of the way, and my stubborn father finally agreed. That was it, his life changed forever. Dad got AMAZING P90X results, losing 35 or 40 lbs and literally got into the best shape of his entire life! His eating habits were COMPLETELY different, he was exercising daily, and he started looking younger and feeling healthier. To this day he has kept up with his healthy lifestyle and is as active and healthy as ever. At 52 years old, he is RIPPED!

P90X Results Melinda Spencer

My Wife’s P90X Results

Insanity Results Courtney Pace

My Sister’s Insanity Results

Because dad got excellent results and decided to change, it sparked something within my family, and they all wanted to change as well. My mom and sister decided to commit to P90X, and they ended up getting OUTSTANDING results as well! Mom lost about 15 lbs and Courtney, my sister, lost about about 25 lbs. Mom is 52 years old and now in better shape than most 20 year olds! Then once my wife Melinda had our first child, she was ready to change as well. She ended up committing to the program and losing 35 lbs and getting into the best shape of her entire life! The more P90X results that came out of our family, the more I noticed a ripple effect begin to occur, and it spread to my extended family and friends, but I will save that for another blog post.

Because of the changes that they have made, how great they feel and how healthy they live, they decided to become Beachbody Coaches themselves and pay it forward to others. Now, we are a family that has had a HUGE impact on not only our community through local Fit Clubs, but with THOUSANDS of people all over the United States and Canada by mentoring and helping them online! It’s our passion and duty to make a difference in this world, and we are going to do EVERYTHING we possibly can to make sure we leave this place helping MILLIONS of lives change and become healthy!

It’s FREE to make any of us our coach, and it would be an honor to be able to help you out. If you would like any of us to coach you, just click on our names below, fill out the form, and then email or message us on Facebook and let us know that you’re ready to change!

If you have any questions about any of our P90X results, just email me at and I would love to help you out!