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Jan 15

How to Be a Successful Male Beachbody Coach

Successful Male Beachbody Coach Josh SpencerAh yes, something I get asked about quite often, how to be a successful male Beachbody Coach. If you look at Team Beachbody as a whole, it’s mostly made up of women. However, there are some very successful male Coaches out there who have done it right and built massive teams made up of mostly men. My team is one of those teams. Before I share my tips on how you can be successful, let me share a little bit about my team and what we’re all about.

My team is called Team Next Level. I started the team back in 2008 when I first started the Beachbody Business. I was this young, 23 year old dude right out of college, just trying to find my way in the world. I was a Financial Advisor when I first started Beachbody, but I couldn’t stand the career because I felt like I was that typical sales guy. Cold calls, door to door stuff, the job sucked, and I decided to become a Coach for some sort of escape from all of that crap. It worked. I finally felt good about what I was doing. I had always had a passion for fitness, but it was amplified after I went through my first round of P90X, and I got great satisfaction from helping others through the program and recommending supplements that I used that worked for me. I would work all day with my “real job” and then come home to massive amounts of emails and messages from those looking for my help to get into shape. I’d be up real late at night responding and reaching out to people because I loved what I was doing. Eventually, it got to the point where my income from Beachbody started growing, and I decided to focus more attention on it, so I quit my job as a Financial Advisor and started working part time with my dad. That’s when the real progress was made.

In 2010 I decided to go full time as a Beachbody Coach. In that year alone I had Millionaire Clubquadrupled my income and built a massive organization, along with help my Coaches become successful as well. I believe I had 9 or 10 of my personally sponsored Coaches that year turn Diamond, one of the highest ranks you can achieve, and most of them were male Beachbody Coaches. In addition to that, I had won the Top Beachbody Coach award out of over 50,000 Coaches in the network. For the next 2 years the Top Coach award was kept on our team, as one of the guys that I brought into the business won it as well. No other team in the Team Beachbody network has won 3 Top Coach belts in a row other than our team. At 27 years old I was inducted into the Beachbody Millionaire’s Club, and so were 2 other Coaches of mine not too long afterwards. Today we have well over 10,000 Coaches on our team. The reason I’m sharing all this is because we are one of the VERY FEW male Beachbody teams out there with a massive amount of success.

So, if you’re wondering how to become a successful male Beachbody Coach, now’s the time where I’m going to share some important tips.

Successful Male Beachbody Coach Tips

(1) Men are not women. This is an overly obvious statement, but there are so many guy Beachbody Coaches out there who think that they can run their businesses the exact same way the women do. It doesn’t work that way. All you’re doing is setting yourself up for failure. Think about it. Men and women are completely different. The majority of men are extremely competitive, don’t like to show their emotions, and not too thrilled about opening up about their personal life to strangers. That’s me in a nutshell. They also aren’t as active on social media as women are. If you’ve ran a typical Challenge Group on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that the men fall off after the first damn day. Why? Because we’re not going to sit there and tell our “why” to a bunch of random people. A lot of us tend to run away from anything that involves emotion. We will open up when we’re good and ready to open up. Now that you understand this, let’s move to the 2nd tip.

Josh Spencer Melinda Spencer(2) Stop trying to run a system made for women and create a system that appeals to your market of men. I mentioned this briefly above, but now it’s time for the details. First, you’ve got to figure out what exactly your market is. You’re going to attract people who are like you, so who are you? Seriously, I’m asking you. What do you enjoy doing? What are your interests? Do you like football? Snowboarding? Yoga? Gaining mass? Swimming? Figure it out. With me, for example, I love baseball, football, spending time with my family (wife and 2 girls), snowboarding, gaining mass, leaning out, learning about supplements, playing darts and pool, throwing a few back with my buddies, traveling, and cars. However, I am also a very driven, ambitious, stubborn, organized, level headed guy who is competitive and hates being beat in anything. That’s who I am, so that’s who I attract. Once you figure out who you are, then you can begin to develop a system that works for your market. The more you try to plug your male Beachbody Coaches into a system that’s made for women, the more you’re going to have a tougher time succeeding.

(3) I keep talking about a system, so now it’s time to share what mine is and how you can develop your own. Without a system, you will fail. Systems are what lead to duplication, and excellent duplication is how you become a Top Beachbody Coach. With no system, your Coaches are left out there trying to figure this crap out on their own, and your customers won’t be supported properly. The reason why I had you figure out your market is so that you can know exactly who you’re dealing with and generally who you will attract. Once you know that, then you can develop a system that will relate to your market. For me, my system is a 3 part system. My goal is to create groups where my market will feel comfortable and engage, along with be supported properly, and I’ve done just that. I have a 5 day free group for my customers called the “PUSH to Get SWOLL” that I run every month, and then I form a longer, 30 day group called the “Man Cave,” that only guys can join and learn about supplements, workouts, nutrition, and pretty much talk about anything they want to talk about. There are no rules in the Man Cave group and we make that very clear from the very beginning. Because there are no rules and requirements (other than the program and supplements to get in it), the engagement is better than any other group I’ve ran before. Why? Because these guys are exactly like me. They don’t like to be told to do anything, don’t like rules, don’t like to talk about their emotions unless they feel comfortable, and just want to be in a place where they can be a guy and have a good time. If they want to talk about sports, then they can. If they want to talk about their favorite beer, they are free to do so. With my market specifically, this is a perfect system. After the group is over, I then invite those who I feel would make great Coaches to become a Coach. I run a 3 Day Sneak Peek that they can be a part of if they choose, and a lot of them do, and many of them sign up as Coaches.

(4) Here’s a big one, so pay close attention. Once you create a system, you have to stay Top Beachbody Coach TipsCONSISTENT with it and plug your customers and Coaches into it. Remember, you are going to attract who you are (as long as you are transparent when you post on social media and talk to others), so once you sign up a Coach, you have to plug them immediately back into the system. Because they are like you, they will attract people like you, meaning your system will be perfect for them to plug THEIR customers into. Do you see where I’m going with this? Let’s take my system, for example. Once a Coach signs up, I have them invite their customers to my PUSH to Get SWOLL group, I help them move their customers to the Man Cave group, and then to the 3 Day Coach Sneak Peek. Once they sign up as Coaches, they plug their customers into the system the following month, and then duplication occurs. You cannot be a successful male Beachbody Coach without a great system.

(5) Don’t forget about competition. Guy’s hate to be beat, so use our competitive nature to fuel some excitement in your groups. Throw out push-up and pull-up challenges, give a tub of E&E to the guy in the group who comes up with the toughest workout move on video, give a bag of Shakeology to the guy who has the best results in 30 days, but whatever you do, create competition. You can do this with your Coaches as well. Tell your male Coaches that you will send a medicine ball to the guy who invites the most people to the 30 day group. You better believe if that challenge was thrown to me when I first started as a Coach that I would be the one winning that damn medicine ball. I hate to be beat and so do most other men.

elite beachbody coach(6) Support is STILL key! You can support a guy without making it awkward. Your job as a Coach, whether your a male Beachbody Coach or not, is to make sure the people you are helping have the best opportunity to succeed. That involves your personal mentorship and support. You can’t just throw guys into a group and expect them to be all happy and post every day. Check in with them, ask them how they’re doing, talk about sports, talk about any common interest, I don’t care, but support them like they need to be supported. When I first went through P90X, my Coach, Barbie, contacted me daily and it’s one of the reasons why I got such great results and eventually signed up as a Coach under her. In addition, talk to these guys like you would talk to your best friend. Eventually, when they feel comfortable enough with you, you can talk about their “why,” or the TRUE reason why they decided to make a change in their health. For men, it just takes a little longer to get to that point than with women. That “why” is a powerful thing, trust me. The one “why” that all father’s have in common is to be a positive example for their children. It’s our job as men to support our family, keep them healthy, and make sure they are taken care of. That was and still is my motivation to continue what I do every single day.

(7) Put earning income BEHIND helping others. This is crucial for any Coach. Recommending something for someone should be because you truly want to help them, not make money off of them. If you approach people for your benefit, then you will never be a successful Coach. From the very beginning of my Coaching career, all I cared about was helping people. It goes back to my experience with the Big Brother’s Big Sister’s organization. When I was a part of that, I felt fulfilled, and I feel the exact same way as a Beachbody Coach. Giving back and knowing you’re having a positive impact on someone’s life is one of the best things you can experience, and at the end of the day, you feel great about who you are as an individual. The interesting thing about our business, though, is that if you focus on helping people for THEIR benefit, you can and will build a successful business. Always remember that.

(8) This is getting long, and I could probably go on for another few hours, but the last tip I want to give is to RECOGNIZE your Coaches. Guys love recognition, sometimes even more than income itself, so make sure you give credit when credit is due. The hardest thing for me to do with my business was to stop focusing so much on personal recognition because it was slowing my team growth, which was also slowing my income growth as well. I could have gone for Top Coach or Top 10 Elite again, but I didn’t. I had to swallow my pride and sacrifice recognition for growth. But make no mistake, I love recognition. When your male customers get excellent results, share it on social media and tag them in the post; when your male Coaches reach 2 Star Diamond, send them tickets to a game of their favorite sports team; when one of your Coaches pays off all their debt, recognize them for that incredible achievement. When us fellas get recognized, it’s motivation for us to continue pushing hard for better results.

(9) One more thing, so this actually is the last tip. SHARE YOUR RESULTS! Let me ask you P90X Results picsomething. Let’s say that you’re a guy that’s overweight, wanting to get into shape, but have absolutely no idea where the hell to start. If you saw one of your Facebook friends post their “before and after” pictures, showing them go from being in the same shape you’re currently in to freakin’ ripped in 90 days, would that inspire you and cause you to reach out to him? HELL YEAH it would! Not enough of you male Beachbody Coaches are sharing your results. This is so important, and there are so many different avenues where you can do this. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blog posts, bodybuilding forums, etc. You just have to get yourself out there. People want to see REAL results, not the photoshopped crap that you always see going around, so if you have the results, do your best to get them out there. I’m sure you have seen my results floating around on the internet, and if not, here are my original P90X results. I can’t tell you how many people have seen my results and contacted me because of it.

Hopefully now you have an idea on how to become a successful male Beachbody Coach. I shared a lot of helpful stuff with you guys, so make sure you take what you learned and apply it to your Beachbody Business. Stop spinning your wheels and plugging into systems that are created specifically for women. Rather, create your own and gain some momentum. If you have any questions whatsoever, whether it’s about my team, me individually, or additional tips on how to be a successful Coach, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jan 06

Success is Found by Never Giving Up

First Max 30 WorkoutThere I was, sweat steadily dripping from my face onto my sweatshirt, exhausted, hands on my knees, breathing heavy and at the point where I wanted to shut off the DVD and go back to my comfort zone of lifting heavy. I was at the 12 minute mark of my first Insanity Max 30 workout, and I was completely spent. There was nothing left in the tank. I hit pause, trying to catch my breath, and couldn’t stop thinking about what it would mean if I just quit right then. What would that say about me? I have never given up on anything in my entire life, why would I give up on a 30 minute workout? I didn’t, so I clicked play and kept pushing myself until the entire 30 minutes was up. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. After the workout, as I was sipping on my Shakeology for recovery, my mind started racing thinking about the hundreds of times I could have given up, but never did, and how it’s a major reason why I’ve achieved so much in my 29 years of life. If you look at anyone who’s been successful in anything, they are where they are today because they haven’t given up.  When they struggle, they keep going. When they fail, they keep going. When everything seems stacked against them, they keep going. Now I want to give you some specific examples of why you should never give up on yourself.

I want to take you back in time for a minute. I was 15 years old, playing travel baseball over summer vacation, and we were playing a double header on a hot, sunny day. For some reason, I was struggling terribly during this summer, and it kept messing with my confidence. During the first at bat of the first game, I whiffed 3 times and struck out. I got pissed off at myself, went back to the bench, thought about what I was doing wrong, and just got more frustrated. Was it my mechanics? Was the pitcher really that good? I couldn’t find a solution, but when I went up to the next at bat, all I could think about was the previous at bat and not making contact once. Any guesses what happened? Yeah, I struck out again, and it happened about 4 more times during the day. That was it, I was benched for the first time in my life. I’ll never forget that terrible feeling, knowing that my attitude and confidence was what brought my summer season crashing down. I felt like someone ran up to me, punched me in the gut, and then pointed and laughed at me. Nobody wants to sit on the bench and watch others play, so it completely destroyed me. Baseball was my life, what the hell was I going to do now? I went straight up to my room after the game, shut the door, and just sat on the floor in front of my bed, thinking about a solution. Was there one? Should I quit baseball? I sure as hell don’t want to sit on the bench for the rest of the summer. I knew I should be the one playing, I worked my ass off for it, how was I going to get the coach to have confidence in me again? That’s when my dad walked into my room, threw a personal development book on my bed called “The Magic of Thinking Big” and told me to read it.

Perfect timing. The solution was right there in the book. What was it? That I needed to accept my failure, stop worrying about it, believe in myself and figure out what adjustment I needed to make so that I could get back out there on the field. The past is the past, let go of it and move forward, so that’s what I did. After that I worked harder than I ever had before and slowly began believing in myself again. Even though I was benched for the remainder of the season, I was determined to come back and kick ass that next year, so that’s exactly what I did. That next summer season I ended up having one of the best summers of baseball in my entire life. I took that mentality and applied it to every season after that, and not only did I end up getting a scholarship to play in college, I wound up receiving conference, regional, and national honors my junior and senior years.

Fast forward to 2008. My life was a freakin’ mess at that point. I was working a career that IP90X Results Josh Spencer thought I would enjoy, but ended up completely hating, I was out of shape, my confidence was in the gutter, and I was drinking just about every night. Needless to say, I was at an all time low in my life. Not my proudest moment, but it happened and is now part of my story. Anyways, I could have continued doing what I was doing, getting the same results, falling even more out of shape, drowning myself in the crap that was going on, or I could do something about it and change. Giving up on myself was never an option, so I did something about it. I started P90X, stopped drinking, lost 25 lbs, got into the best shape of my entire life, increased my confidence, and eventually became a Beachbody Coach because I fell in love with health and fitness and helping others achieve results like I did. I had no idea that this little side thing I did for fun would eventually become my full time career, but it was a tough journey to get to that point.

Pictures 023I stopped getting paid at my financial advising job because I missed my quota one month, and with the way the pay was set-up, you have to make up for the missed amount from the previous month and reach the quota for the current month as well. Yeah, that didn’t happen, so for months on end I was working my job that I hated and didn’t get paid doing it. Sounds awesome, right? After not getting paid for 5 months (yes, 5 months), I decided to quit and work part time with my dad and part time on Beachbody to try to turn it into a legit business. Starting your own business is tough, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And then you put yourself in my position, a young 22 year old guy who had no prior success in business, and it’s nearly impossible to get things going. What was I supposed to do? I had no idea, and I failed over and over and over again, so much that I had to laugh when it happened, but I never stopped. I kept chugging along, making adjustments, because I was determined to be successful. No matter what obstacle, what objection, what failure, was thrown my way, I was a train that was slowly moving, just waiting to gain momentum. Things were bad for me financially too. On top of my business struggles, my now wife and I were living in a one bedroom apartment that we could barely afford, sleeping on the couch so our daughter could sleep in our only room, and were struggling to pay our bills. It was normal for us to have $50 in our bank account at a time, and at one point government support was the only way to keep us afloat. Most people would just give up, but that’s not how I’m geared. After over a year of failing miserably, things started to turn around.

The latter part of 2009 is when I had my first “ah ha!” moment, and I was beginning to Millionaire Clubfigure out how to become a successful Beachbody Coach. In the beginning of 2010, I decided to make Coaching my full time career (it was risky, but I had faith in myself), and that was the year that changed my life and my business. I ended up winning the Top Beachbody Coach award out of over 50,000+ Coaches, and quadrupled my income. I was helping well over 100 people a week make a change in their life and building a success team at the same time. Fast forward to today, we are one of the largest and most successful teams in Team Beachbody. We have won 3 Top Coach belts, have 3 people in the Millionaire’s Club (me included), and have well over 10,000 Coaches on the team. My wife and I have paid off all of our debt and are living a life of freedom. We haven’t worried about paying bills for 5 years now, and can do what we want, when we want. We also can give back more to those in need, and there is nothing better than that.

I have achieved all the success I have today because I have never given up. When most people would quit, I keep going. Nothing is going to stop me. I’ve failed and struggled more times than you could ever imagine, but I’ve always believed that I could accomplish incredible things, so I’ve worked my tail off to make it happen, and I have. If you are struggling with life, maybe it’s with your weight, finances, or career, take a look in the mirror. If you can look at the person staring back and feel confident that you are doing everything you possibly can to take yourself out of your current situation, then you’re doing the right things. However, most of you can’t. Too many people give up at the first sign up struggle, when things get tough, at the first failure. Success isn’t easy. It’s hard, very hard. You will never find success and easy in the same sentence, other than this one. If you have given up way too early, the great thing is that you can always try again. This time, though, commit yourself and never stop. If you can push through all those rough times you will experience in the beginning, you have no idea of the success waiting for you!