Month: August 2016

Body Beast Supplements to Put On Size

When it comes to Body Beast supplements to put on size, most people have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Right now I’m going through Body Beast and if you have no idea what that even is, it’s a mass building program by Beachbody. I’ve been through the program multiple times in the past […]

The Greatest Shakeology Review

It’s been a while since my last Shakeology review so I thought I would give an updated version. It’s important to do so because my view on overall health has changed drastically since being diagnosed with Lyme Disease last year. When you go through what I went through you develop a new appreciation for healthy […]

You Will Suck, And That’s OK

After dealing with Lyme Disease for well over a year, going through two very intense treatments, I’m finally well enough to start working out again. Just a few days ago I ended my last antibiotic treatment and decided that I was going to commit myself entirely to the Body Beast program starting today. For those […]