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Jan 30

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

Been thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach? Great, you’ve come to the right place. There’s not many Beachbody Coaches that have the type of experience and success that I’ve had in the business. A lot of Coaches claim to be “top Beachbody Coaches,” but I am an actual Top Coach and millionaire in the business. I’ve got the accolades to actually call myself a Top Coach. Making me even more rare is the fact that I’m a male in a very female dominated network. If you’re interested in the business, read on. I’m going to explain my story and then about my team and how I mentor others.

Who is Josh Spencer?

My story is quite interesting. I grew up in a family of business owners. My grandpa owned a large grocery store and my father currently owns and operates three businesses himself. While I was young I always believed that I was also destined to be a business owner. How could I not? It’s in my blood. When I was a senior in high school I received a scholarship offer and accepted to play baseball in college. Throughout college I planned on getting my degree in Finance and Business, eventually opening up my own Financial Planning firm. Once I graduated, I got a job as a Financial Advisor, thinking that it would give me the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to become a Financial Planner. Once I discovered what the industry was like, though, I quickly lost my passion. With the stress of my career, I stopped working out and gained quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time. My health spiraled out of control and I knew I needed to make a change and that’s when I found P90X. I purchased the program and committed myself entirely to the workouts and nutrition plan for 90 days and ended up getting into the best shape of my life.

My career continued on a downward spiral. I wasn’t able to reach my quota one month and didn’t get paid because of it. With the way it worked, if you missed the quota, you had to make up for the amount that you missed it by the next month if you wanted to get paid again. I fell so far behind that I worked for months without any pay. It wasn’t good for someone living on their own. I lost all desire to work in the industry and wanted to do something different. After completing P90X I had developed a passion for fitness and helping others experience the same changes that I did. My Coach told me about the Coaching Opportunity shortly after I completed my first round of P90X, but I told her no. There was just too much going on in my life at the time. A few months later, I really starting thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach and decided to join up in July of 2008. Not too long afterwards I quit my Financial Advising job and starting working for my father. Luckily, he allowed me to leave work early so that I could focus some effort on building my Beachbody business.

Being so young, though, I was clueless about how to build a business. I had to figure it out on my own by doing a ton of research on branding, social media marketing, and leadership, but that all took time. Fast forward a year and my business still wasn’t really growing. In fact, with earning just a little here and there with Beachbody and working part time for my father, my now wife and I hit some very rough financial times. I couldn’t support our family and we relied on government assistance to help us out. We were living in a tiny one bedroom apartment with our daughter and could barely afford rent. We let our daughter sleep in the only room while we slept on a cheap couch. Times were hard. It was normal for us to have just $50-$100 in our bank account at a time. There was one moment, though, that changed everything for me. We were in the grocery store purchasing food for the week and I came to the realization that I was failing my family when I handed the cashier the government assistance card. What kind of father am I if I can’t even afford formula for my child? It was at that moment that I decided to really take Beachbody seriously.

I sat my wife down and told her that if she gave me one year of sacrifice and hard work that I would provide her and our daughter with a lifetime of freedom. That was late 2009. In 2010 I went full-time as a Coach, became the Top Beachbody Coach in the entire network, and went from being on government assistance to a six-figure income. From then on my team just exploded and I helped one of the men that I brought into the business become the Top Coach in 2011 and 2012. My team, Team Next Level, has become one of the most successful teams in the entire network. To this day, 10 years into the business, I still bring on people to mentor and achieve the type of success that I have been fortunate enough to experience. In the 10 years I’ve been a Coach, I’m the Top Beachbody Coach 2010, a 3X Elite Coach, 2X Top 10 Coach, 1X Premiere, a former CAB (Coach Advisory Board) member, and part of the Million Club. I have also helped create many six figure earners on my team as well.

My Coaching Style

I’m a little bit different than most other Coaches that you will come across. I’m a no bullshit, straight-forward type of guy. If I’m doing something wrong, I want someone to tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong and what I need to change. I don’t want someone telling meBecoming a Beachbody Coach what I want to hear. I want someone to tell me what I need to hear. There is a big difference. Because of that, that’s how I am with both the people I coach with fitness and the Coaches on my team. If I tell others what they want to hear and not what they need to hear, I’m doing them a disservice and not helping them move forward. My mission is to help as many people succeed as I can. Most people hate hearing that they are failing or doing something wrong, but it’s important that they know so that they can make necessary changes and move towards success. What’s important to understand, though, is that I am this way for the right reasons. I’m not trying to be an asshole, but rather I have a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Through years of experience, my straight-forward, no bullshit approach is what has been most effective. It’s why the people I work with are able to make real, long term changes. People might be upset with me at first because I’m telling them something they don’t want to hear, but they always come back to me later and thank me for being so straight-forward with them.

But I also have a very laid back, fun side as well. I am probably one of the most easy going people you will ever meet! I like to have a good time. I always try to be myself and as transparent as possible and teach my Coaches the same thing.

Mentoring New Coaches

If’ you’re ready to become a Beachbody Coach, like my style, and are interested in joining my team, below is a list of things that I have available for all new Coaches.

  • Personal one on one support. For the first month especially we will be working close together making sure you are doing the right actions to build a successful business. I will be in contact with you via text, phone, message, and video conference calls.
  • Goal setting. I will help you create attainable, short term goals. Each short term goal will help you move towards long term goals.
  • Excellent team training. I have a system that I have been using for years that has been very effective for me and my team. Once you sign up you will be plugged right into the training.
  • Team accountability and support. You will be plugged into our Team Next Level team page and have a ton of support from other Coaches on the team.
  • Team Calls. Each Wednesday night at 7:30 PM Central I hold a team call. Normally I have celebrity trainers and other top Coaches as guest speakers on the calls.
  • Team rewards trips. If you are able to accomplish certain specified goals within a time frame after signing up, you will be invited on an exclusive trip with my wife and I.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

If you’re been considering becoming a Beachbody Coach and are ready to sign up, here are the steps to get started.

  1. You will need to apply to be a part of my team. I only sign up those who are hard workers, make no excuses, are ready to change their life, and are passionate about fitness and helping others. Here is the link. Team Next Level Coach Application
  2. If you have any questions about the form or joining my team, feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at
  3. Once you fill out the application, I will review it and then set up a 15 minute call with you.
  4. After the call, I will send you directions on how to sign up.

**BEACHBODY INCOME DISCLAIMER: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.  See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.**

Jan 19

Beachbody Performance Recover Review

By now you probably understand that I’m a supplement junkie. My addiction started in college, all thanks to my buddies. It seemed that every time I went to the gym they were talking about something else they tried and got great results with. Of course I had to try it out too. One of the main supplements we always seemed to talk about besides pre-workout supplements were post-workout recovery supplements. For years and years I studied and tried out many various recovery supplements hoping to find the one that works best. Eventually, I came across a brand of supplements that were clean, but extremely effective called the Performance Line. The Beachbody Recover formula from the Performance Line was a post-workout supplement that I used for quite some time while going through multiple rounds of a program called Body Beast. As I was trying to put on mass, I knew the importance of having a good quality supplement to take right after my workouts. Recover was exactly what I had hoped. Here is my Beachbody Performance Recover Review.

Why Use a Post Workout Supplement?

Before I actually get into my Beachbody Performance Recover Review, I want to talk a little bit about why it’s important to use a post workout supplement. When you do an intense workout like what I do every day, you drain your body of glycogen and protein. After you get done with the workout, you have about an hour time span to consume either good quality food or a post-workout supplement that will help replenish the glycogen stores and kick-start the muscle repairing process. That supplement or food needs to have a great balance of fast digesting carbohydrates and important amino acids. The fast digesting carbs will help transport the amino acids to the muscle cells quickly, therefore aiding in protein synthesis (muscle recovery). I have used both food and supplements for post workout recovery, but supplements seem to be more effective for me, probably because they are designed to have everything I need for proper recovery, whereas I might not get it all with food. A good quality post workout supplement will reduce soreness and aid in proper muscle recover.

My Beachbody Performance Recover Review

When I’m judging a post-workout supplement, I do so in 4 different areas: (1) Quality, (2) Taste, (3) Consistency, (4) Effectiveness. I’m going to break down the Recover formula regarding each of those areas.

(1) Quality. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the quality a 9. Out of all the ones I’ve used over the years, this one is by far the best quality. The sugar in Recover is actually beet sugar Beachbody Performance Recover Reviewand the rest of it is sweetened with Stevia leaf extract. Most post-workout supplements are loaded with low-quality processed sugar, mainly to make it taste better. In addition, Recover has a 2:1 protein to carb ratio, which is excellent for recovery. The protein comes from whey isolate, pea protein, and contains a number of additional important amino acids. There are no added chemicals, dyes, or other toxins.

(2) Taste. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the taste a 9. I love the taste of both flavors of Beachbody Recover. Back in the day Beachbody had something called the Recovery Formula (which isn’t nearly as good of quality as Recover), but the orange flavor tasted like an orange creamsicle. The orange flavor with Recover is very similar to that. Not as good as the old one, but still very good. The chocolate flavor tastes like chocolate because that’s what it is, chocolate. It’s hard to mess up a chocolate flavor.

(3) Consistency. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the consistency a 10. It’s a very powdery substance and mixes very well. Normally I just put it in a shaker cup and shake it.

(4) Effectiveness. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the effectiveness a 9. All I know is that when I use Recover I tend to get outstanding results. My recovery time is shorter and I don’t experience as much soreness as I normally would without taking anything after my workout.

So that’s it. That’s my Beachbody Performance Recover Review. If you’re interested in purchasing Beachbody Recover, just click here. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me at

Jan 15

Learn to Roll With the Punches

Today I work up with a plan. Today was the day I was going to once a for all become organized. Now listen, I’ve achieved a lot in my 32 years of life and I have a lot of strengths, but good Lord, organization is not one of them. The day started off gloriously. I created a new task list for my assistant, organized my schedule, created a one month plan, and I planned on writing a killer blog post, but then came the curveball. As I was updating my iPhone this morning, it decided to stop updating and give me an error message. Then I tried to restore it, but yet again, another error message. OK, deep breath. I became a little frustrated because I had planned on getting everything done on my task list today. Let’s take it to the Sprint store to see what they can do. I drove 20 minutes to the store only for them to tell me that I had to drive another 20 minutes further to the Apple store in some gigantic mall because they can’t help me. OK, OK. I see what you’re doing to me buddy. You’re trying to teach me patience, I get it. Patience, something else that’s not a strength of mine. I drove to this mall and traffic was out of this world for some odd reason. I drove like a bat out of hell, passing people where I shouldn’t have passed them. I yelled at them like they could actually hear me inside my car. I get to this place and it’s so freakin’ large that I had no idea where I’m going. Sweet, JC Penny parking lot. Let’s start there. I went inside and wandered around this mall that’s larger than any I have been in before searching for the Apple store. Found it. It was so busy that you would have thought it was Black Friday. I went up to the girl greeting at the door, explained my situation, only for her to tell me that I needed to set up an appointment to get it fixed and unfortunately, they had no more openings for the day. BUT if I stood in this line that was backed out of the door, I could set something up. SCREW…..THAT! I basically sprinted out of that mall with steam rolling out of my ears. Finally, I got back home and decided to contact Apple Chat Support. After an hour they finally helped me and my phone was fixed. Miraculously, iTunes backed up my phone right before it froze and I got all of my pictures and information back. The ones I were worried about were the Christmas photos and videos of my children. All back.

Now here I am writing a blog post I wanted to write 4 hours ago. And yes, I know, this is definitely a first world problem, but I am leaving on a trip soon and have to have a phone to contact my family when I’m gone. Plus, I work from my phone. The point is that we all start with a plan, but that plan is constantly blown to pieces. It’s almost impossible to start with a plan and finish it without any obstacles. Today is a prime example of that. However, how we choose to handle those obstacles is key. There’s no denying it, I got pretty pissed off today. I just wanted to get everything done that I needed to get done for my business and then go spend time with my family for the rest of the evening. But as you saw, it didn’t turn out that way. It’s past 5 PM and I am halfway through my to-do-list. But I have to sit back and laugh about it. I knew something like this would happen. My entire life to this point is a giant obstacle. Why would today be any different? I’ve been able to handle every other obstacle properly, I needed to handle this one the same way. Instead of letting it ruin my day and knock me off course (for very long), I took a deep breath, smiled, and adjusted. Now here I am writing a blog that I would have never written about. Maybe one of you reading this is going to say “YES! I needed this today!” Then this is for you. Maybe this is what you needed to hear.

People start their fitness journey with a plan. It’s funny because right now with the New Year everyone and their uncle is starting a plan. As a fitness Coach, the amount of times I hear “This is it, I’m going to change this year!” within the month of January is ridiculous. But then 3 weeks later they fall off. Why? Because they can’t roll with the punches. Maybe their best friend called them fat. Maybe their family ridiculed them for eating healthy. Maybe their friends tempted them to eat pizza and drink beer with them. Maybe they hit a plateau. Maybe some asshole on the internet made fun of them for posting their one week results. Maybe they gave into temptations during the weekend and strayed off course. IT……HAPPENS! Why are so many of you letting these negative things affect you so drastically? Who gives a shit! Learn to smile and adjust. If you go into your fitness journey expecting everything to be perfect, you’re fooling yourself. I’m 10+ years into my own fitness journey and the amount of times I’ve come across some sort of issue is insane. I’ve dealt with a crazy amount of injuries, haters, jealous people, plateaus, sickness (yes, even a disease), but I still keep moving forward. I have just come to accept that these things will happen. It’s all out of my control so I just don’t worry about it. I expect it, yes, but don’t stress about it. I can’t. If so I’d be stressed out all the time. Stress is not good. If you’re one of the many starting your journey this year, don’t go into it thinking everything will be perfect. It won’t, I promise. Rather, come to expect the obstacles and quickly make adjustments so that you can keep moving forward.

Speaking of the New Year and fitness goals, I’m taking on more clients right now. If you would like me to recommend an entire workout, nutrition, and supplement plan for you and support you while on your journey, just email me at or message me on my Facebook Page. I’d love to help you out. I’m going to be opening my support group soon starting at the beginning of February as well. That group will fill up quickly like it always does. If you want in, you’ve got to be serious about being ready to change, and just reach out to me.