Body Beast Supplements

Mar 04

Body Beast Supplements

Because I have gone through Body Beast and got some pretty drastic Body Beast results, a lot of people have been listening to my recommendation and starting the program themselves and using the Body Beast supplements. First, though, for a little recap, I went through Beachbody’s new mass gaining program called Body Beast during the Summer/Fall of 2012, and ended up gaining about 15 lbs in 90 days! I followed the diet pretty closely and took all of the recommended Body Beast supplements, the Base Shake, Fuel Shot, Suma, and creatine. Anyways, since many of the people that I coach (make me your coach!) have started the program, most of the questions have been revolving around the supplements, so that’s what this post is going to focus on.

The Beast Supplements

When I first purchased the program, I ended up getting the Body Beast with Beast Stack, which comes with all 4 of the recommended Body Beast supplements. The first of those supplements I’ll spend some time on is the creatine monohydrate.  Beachbody calls it the M.A.X. Muscle Acceleration Xtreme Creatine, but it’s basically just creatine monohydrate without all the added crap that a lot of other brands like to add into it. I’ve used creatine monohydrate in the past, and it’s worked very well for me, but I’ve always had some water retention from it, which is actually pretty normal. However, water retention or not, every time I use it I notice some DRASTIC muscle and strength gains in a pretty short amount of time! I will switch off and on taking it, though, according to what my current goals are. If I want to lean out, I stay away from it, but if I want to put on some muscle, that’s when I’ll use it. When do I take it? Usually I take 2.5 grams of it stirred in with 8 oz of natural no sugar added non-acidic fruit juice (apple or grape) about 20-25 minutes before my workout. From doing research, I learned that if you use a high acidic fruit juice, it will break down the creatine and it won’t be as effective. I then do the exact same combination (2.5 g with non-adicid fruit juice) after my workout as well.

The next of the Body Beast supplements is the Fuel Shot. The Fuel Shot is pretty much a post workout recovery drink, and is very similar to the P90X Recovery Formula. It contains simple carbs that help replenish the glycogen stores after you have an intense workout. I usually just mix it in with my Base Shake right after my workout, and that’s the next one I’ll talk about. The Base Shake is a protein supplement that I guess would be similar to your typical whey protein, but again, without the added crap to it. Anymore, too many companies will add a lot of crap ingredients to make the protein taste better. It might taste good, but who knows what it’s doing to your insides. Companies tick me off, but that’s a whole other post. Anyways, I would actually take the Base Shake right after my workout and occasionally blend it with my Shakeology for lunch as well. The last of the Beast supplements is the Suma pills, and I took those with my creatine pre-workout. I do know that taking both the Suma and the creatine seemed to give me enough energy to get through my workouts, and I always had great “pumps” during them as well. I also never really seemed to get too fatigued either. To this day, it doesn’t matter what my current goals are, I still use the Suma pills.

As you probably know from my other blog posts, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to do research on every supplement before you purchase it! Don’t take my word or anyone else’s word for it, and do yourself a favor and find out what you’re ingesting. The majority of the time you will be SHOCKED to find what’s in the supplements you use! I know I was, and it stopped me from taking many of the supplements that I used to take, like Jack3d and certain whey proteins. Remember, it’s not worth consuming something if it has potential to be harmful. I’m a huge believer in only taking quality supplements, and I hope that you are or will be as well. BE SMART about what you purchase!

When it all comes down to it, I do believe that these Body Beast supplements helped with my results! In fact, I know they did. I was stronger and bulkier than I have ever been before. If you have any questions about the supplements I mentioned above, feel free to reach out to me. Also, before you use ANY supplements, always consult your doctor to make sure they are safe for you! I’ve never had any issues with them, but hey, you never know.

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