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Jan 30

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

Been thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach? Great, you’ve come to the right place. There’s not many Beachbody Coaches that have the type of experience and success that I’ve had in the business. A lot of Coaches claim to be “top Beachbody Coaches,” but I am an actual Top Coach and millionaire in the business. I’ve got the accolades to actually call myself a Top Coach. Making me even more rare is the fact that I’m a male in a very female dominated network. If you’re interested in the business, read on. I’m going to explain my story and then about my team and how I mentor others.

Who is Josh Spencer?

My story is quite interesting. I grew up in a family of business owners. My grandpa owned a large grocery store and my father currently owns and operates three businesses himself. While I was young I always believed that I was also destined to be a business owner. How could I not? It’s in my blood. When I was a senior in high school I received a scholarship offer and accepted to play baseball in college. Throughout college I planned on getting my degree in Finance and Business, eventually opening up my own Financial Planning firm. Once I graduated, I got a job as a Financial Advisor, thinking that it would give me the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to become a Financial Planner. Once I discovered what the industry was like, though, I quickly lost my passion. With the stress of my career, I stopped working out and gained quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time. My health spiraled out of control and I knew I needed to make a change and that’s when I found P90X. I purchased the program and committed myself entirely to the workouts and nutrition plan for 90 days and ended up getting into the best shape of my life.

My career continued on a downward spiral. I wasn’t able to reach my quota one month and didn’t get paid because of it. With the way it worked, if you missed the quota, you had to make up for the amount that you missed it by the next month if you wanted to get paid again. I fell so far behind that I worked for months without any pay. It wasn’t good for someone living on their own. I lost all desire to work in the industry and wanted to do something different. After completing P90X I had developed a passion for fitness and helping others experience the same changes that I did. My Coach told me about the Coaching Opportunity shortly after I completed my first round of P90X, but I told her no. There was just too much going on in my life at the time. A few months later, I really starting thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach and decided to join up in July of 2008. Not too long afterwards I quit my Financial Advising job and starting working for my father. Luckily, he allowed me to leave work early so that I could focus some effort on building my Beachbody business.

Being so young, though, I was clueless about how to build a business. I had to figure it out on my own by doing a ton of research on branding, social media marketing, and leadership, but that all took time. Fast forward a year and my business still wasn’t really growing. In fact, with earning just a little here and there with Beachbody and working part time for my father, my now wife and I hit some very rough financial times. I couldn’t support our family and we relied on government assistance to help us out. We were living in a tiny one bedroom apartment with our daughter and could barely afford rent. We let our daughter sleep in the only room while we slept on a cheap couch. Times were hard. It was normal for us to have just $50-$100 in our bank account at a time. There was one moment, though, that changed everything for me. We were in the grocery store purchasing food for the week and I came to the realization that I was failing my family when I handed the cashier the government assistance card. What kind of father am I if I can’t even afford formula for my child? It was at that moment that I decided to really take Beachbody seriously.

I sat my wife down and told her that if she gave me one year of sacrifice and hard work that I would provide her and our daughter with a lifetime of freedom. That was late 2009. In 2010 I went full-time as a Coach, became the Top Beachbody Coach in the entire network, and went from being on government assistance to a six-figure income. From then on my team just exploded and I helped one of the men that I brought into the business become the Top Coach in 2011 and 2012. My team, Team Next Level, has become one of the most successful teams in the entire network. To this day, 10 years into the business, I still bring on people to mentor and achieve the type of success that I have been fortunate enough to experience. In the 10 years I’ve been a Coach, I’m the Top Beachbody Coach 2010, a 3X Elite Coach, 2X Top 10 Coach, 1X Premiere, a former CAB (Coach Advisory Board) member, and part of the Million Club. I have also helped create many six figure earners on my team as well.

My Coaching Style

I’m a little bit different than most other Coaches that you will come across. I’m a no bullshit, straight-forward type of guy. If I’m doing something wrong, I want someone to tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong and what I need to change. I don’t want someone telling meBecoming a Beachbody Coach what I want to hear. I want someone to tell me what I need to hear. There is a big difference. Because of that, that’s how I am with both the people I coach with fitness and the Coaches on my team. If I tell others what they want to hear and not what they need to hear, I’m doing them a disservice and not helping them move forward. My mission is to help as many people succeed as I can. Most people hate hearing that they are failing or doing something wrong, but it’s important that they know so that they can make necessary changes and move towards success. What’s important to understand, though, is that I am this way for the right reasons. I’m not trying to be an asshole, but rather I have a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Through years of experience, my straight-forward, no bullshit approach is what has been most effective. It’s why the people I work with are able to make real, long term changes. People might be upset with me at first because I’m telling them something they don’t want to hear, but they always come back to me later and thank me for being so straight-forward with them.

But I also have a very laid back, fun side as well. I am probably one of the most easy going people you will ever meet! I like to have a good time. I always try to be myself and as transparent as possible and teach my Coaches the same thing.

Mentoring New Coaches

If’ you’re ready to become a Beachbody Coach, like my style, and are interested in joining my team, below is a list of things that I have available for all new Coaches.

  • Personal one on one support. For the first month especially we will be working close together making sure you are doing the right actions to build a successful business. I will be in contact with you via text, phone, message, and video conference calls.
  • Goal setting. I will help you create attainable, short term goals. Each short term goal will help you move towards long term goals.
  • Excellent team training. I have a system that I have been using for years that has been very effective for me and my team. Once you sign up you will be plugged right into the training.
  • Team accountability and support. You will be plugged into our Team Next Level team page and have a ton of support from other Coaches on the team.
  • Team Calls. Each Wednesday night at 7:30 PM Central I hold a team call. Normally I have celebrity trainers and other top Coaches as guest speakers on the calls.
  • Team rewards trips. If you are able to accomplish certain specified goals within a time frame after signing up, you will be invited on an exclusive trip with my wife and I.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

If you’re been considering becoming a Beachbody Coach and are ready to sign up, here are the steps to get started.

  1. You will need to apply to be a part of my team. I only sign up those who are hard workers, make no excuses, are ready to change their life, and are passionate about fitness and helping others. Here is the link. Team Next Level Coach Application
  2. If you have any questions about the form or joining my team, feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at
  3. Once you fill out the application, I will review it and then set up a 15 minute call with you.
  4. After the call, I will send you directions on how to sign up.

**BEACHBODY INCOME DISCLAIMER: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.  See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.**

Jan 15

What is the Most Successful Beachbody Team?

Josh Spencer BeachbodyThere is one part of being a Beachbody Coach, the fitness side of it, and then there’s the other, the business side. As Coaches, we work hard daily in making sure the people we coach are staying on track with their fitness goals, are motivated, and supported while going on their own fitness journey. At the same time, though, we are also working hard at building a business so that we can create time and financial freedom. Over the course of 5 and a half years, I’ve been able to do just that. If you are wondering what is the most successful Beachbody Team, you have come to the right place.

Successful Beachbody Team Qualities

Team Next Level BeachbodyWhen trying to find out what is the most successful Beachbody team out there, there are a lot of things you need to look for. First, and most importantly, are there any very successful Beachbody Coaches on the team? There are a lot of teams out there that claim to be successful, but they can’t back it up with proof. My team, Team Next Level, is a well established and extremely successful team, and I say that with complete pride. We are the ONLY TEAM in the Beachbody Network that has won the Top Beachbody Coach award 3 times, and it was 3 times in a row at that. On top of that, we have many Elite and full-time coaches making well into the six figure mark. I, Josh Spencer, was the Top Beachbody Coach of 2010 and am one of the very select few to be inducted into the Beachbody Millionaires Club. We are an Elite and very successful Beachbody team!

Next, it’s important to find a team with an excellent support system. If you don’t have Beachbody Millionaire Clubsupport with anything that you do, you will have a hard time finding success. Team Next Level has an incredible support system, with Diamond and Star Diamond Coaches not only willing to share ideas, but also help out the entire team by holding team calls and supporting the new coaches that come aboard. We have team pages where we communicate daily and make sure coaches are staying on track and that all of their questions are answered. These team pages are also where we share new trainings, videos, and any other important information regarding the business.

how do you become a beachbody coachSuccessful Beachbody teams also have a great training system in place. Without proper training, new coaches are left to figure things out on their own, and this can significantly slow down progress and delay success. Over the years, I have had many new coaches not on my team contact me looking for support and a training system because the coach that they signed up with had nothing in place. Do your research beforehand and find a Beachbody Team that has a system you can immediately plug into, one that is simple and has a proven success rate. My team has an excellent training system in place. Not only do we have our own training website, but we run 30 day New Coach Bootcamps where we teach new Coaches everything they need to know to get started right in this business. In addition, we are always adjusting the trainings to keep up with the changing times, especially with social media. In fact, we are in the process of updating our New Coach Bootcamp right now, making it simpler, but yet more effective.

When you’re looking to become a Beachbody Coach and are searching for the most Team Next Level Coachessuccessful Beachbody Team, something that I feel is very important is to find a team that builds with ethics and integrity. The last thing you want to do is join a team that breaks the rules, that pushes the boundaries on what is right and wrong, and a team that is willing to put financial gain over helping others. Something that is very important about this business in particular is that it’s a business of changing lives, and if you don’t put others first, you will never be able to build a successful business. From day 1 of signing up as a coach, I promised myself that I would always focus on changing lives first and the business second, and because of doing so I was able to build a massive business. Focus on changing lives and join a team that is focused on the same thing and you will be setting yourself up for a lot of success. Team Next Level is an incredible team, one full of great people who are truly in this to change lives!

Hopefully I was able to answer your question about what is the most successful Beachbody Team. If you are interested in joining my team, Team Next Level, and don’t already have a Team Beachbody account, just click here. If you do have a Team Beachbody account, feel free to reach out to me at and I can give you the next steps from there.

Aug 21

Become a Millionaire by 30

Become a Millionaire by 30My name is Josh and I had a dream to become a millionaire by 30. 4 1/2 years after starting my own fitness business, at the age of 27, I had realized my dream. Before I even get into this post, though, please understand that in no way am I writing this to brag, but rather my goal is to inspire young people and help them understand that age is just a number when it comes to creating financial freedom for yourself. I’m going to share my story and then give some tips on some things that you can do to help you create a million dollar business as well.

My story is an interesting one. Growing up I have always been taught that if I want to succeed with anything, I’ve got to put in hard work, and if I wanted to be more successful than everyone else, I had to work harder than everyone else. Makes sense, right? It all started with joining a travel baseball team at the age of 12. In all honesty, I didn’t have the most talent on the field. I would even go as far as saying that I might have been one of the worst, if not the worst player on the team. It was obvious that I had a lot of growing and learning to do, but I was OK with that and so were my parents. However, they knew I needed proper guidance and training if I was to get better, so they began getting me hitting lessons from a local hitting coach. He taught me proper form and certain practice skills that would make me better, such as hitting the ball from different positions off a tee. My parents knew that just hitting lessons wouldn’t be enough, though, and if I was to truly get better I had to take what I learned and practice it over and over and over again. I’ll never forget the day my father told me to go downstairs in the basement and hit 1,000 balls off the tee. I looked at him with a blank stare, upset, thinking, “Really? I could be playing video games right now.” But of course I did it anyways. Blisters formed, my hands bled, I was miserable, but something changed in me that day. Working hard became a habit.

The more I practiced, the better I got. 6 years later I had earned a scholarship to play ball at a local college and ended up starting center field. I had worked my way to that point. When all the other players were playing video games and hanging out with friends, I was down in my basement hitting 1,000 balls off the tee, and I did that for years and years. I was that kid who would get up at 5:30 AM on a Sunday morning and go practice for 4 hours in a freezing cold indoor soccer field in the middle of winter. I worked hard every day because I strived to be the best. Sometimes it sucked, but in a strange way I enjoyed it because I knew I was getting better. During the last 2 years of my college career I ended up getting numerous national, regional, and conference honors, and I wouldn’t have gotten there without my incredible work ethic.

When I graduated college, I had a dream of becoming a Financial Planner, so I did what any kid with that dream would do and I began a career as a Financial Adviser at the ripe age of 23. I was young, inexperienced, but incredibly determined to reach my dream. I could visualize it, sitting at my desk in my own firm, helping people make a permanent change in their finances, and it excited me. However, I had a massive learning curve ahead of me to get the that point, but it never scared me because I knew I would put in the effort to make it happen. Something happened by pure accident, though, that changed that dream rather quickly. I had discovered P90X. Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, “A workout program? Really?” My answer to that is yes, really. Stress from my career started adding up quickly, I began terrible eating and drinking habits, gained a lot of weight, and got to a point where I knew something needed to change and I started looking for a program to get me back into shape. That’s when I found P90X. I went through the program, committed myself 100% to the diet and workouts, and ended up losing 25 lbs and literally got into the best shape of my entire life. I was happy, confident, but along with that came a newfound passion for health and fitness. It worked so well for me that I couldn’t stop talking about it! I enjoyed talking about it so much that it got in the way of my career. When I was supposed to be working and studying, I was talking to people online about my results and offering advice, and every person that I helped gave me this incredible feeling of fulfillment, and like a drug I wanted more and more! I even got in trouble quite a few times at work because of how much I was talking about it. The lack of focus on my Financial Advising career, though, led to a suspension in my pay because I couldn’t meet my quota for the month. That compounded and for 5 months I had no money coming in. That’s not a good thing when you have bills to pay.

At about the 2nd month of no pay I had to rethink my career choice. If you dread getting up in the morning to go to work and can’t wait to come home each night and can only think about health and fitness all day, that is a sign that maybe it wasn’t the best career option. I decided to take a vacation by myself down to Myrtle Beach for a week just to think about things, and when I came back I had a clarity that I hadn’t had in such a long time. That was the moment I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Understand, though, that I did it mainly because I had a passion for changing lives when it came to health and fitness. It was a part of my life that I was excited about, and I looked forward to doing it every single day. I didn’t really understand the whole business side of it, but knew that it was there and if I wanted to could really pursue it and attempt to build something. But I didn’t, well at least at first I didn’t.

I continued my Financial Advising career only because I needed something to pay the bills. However, I never could catch up to my quota and ended up really struggling financially and eventually had to quit that job and work for my dad with his business. I worked very hard for my dad and decided to learn more about the Beachbody business and build that up on the side. After I would get done working for dad I would go home and work on Beachbody. There was a period of time, though, where Melinda (my wife) and I really struggled financially. We were on government support for a while, and it got us by. It wasn’t particularly a highlight of our life, but it was there to help us and we have always been very thankful for that. However, it got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat Melinda down on the couch one night and promised her that I would take our family out of that situation, but I needed her full support, and of course she agreed. I told her to give me one year of sacrifice and commitment and I would make it happen. I knew that I could create complete financial freedom for my family and I.

I started learning the ins and outs of the business, started understanding how network marketing worked, learned from other leaders in the business, traveled to events, and before I knew it, I was making $750 per week, enough to pay my bills. We got off of government support the moment we were able to. At that point, which was January of 2010 I had to make a decision. I had to choose between pursuing a career with my father or go full time with Beachbody. After talking to him, the best option for long term growth was with Beachbody, so I went full time with it. Was it risky? Of course it was, but I knew my own work ethic and where I could take the business. The risk paid off.

2010 was the year I won Top Beachbody Coach out of over 50,000 coaches in the U.S. I Millionaire Clubhad built a foundation for a million dollar business, and by the time 2010 was finished, I had increased my income by about 600% from the previous year. Fast forward 3 years to the beginning of 2013, and that’s when I was inducted into the Beachbody Millionaire’s Club. It’s taken an incredible amount of hard work, consistency, sacrifices, support, failure, and adjustments to get to where I’m at today.

Tips on Becoming a Millionaire by 30

(1) Work hard. You can’t become a millionaire by 30 if you don’t work hard every single day. You have to be willing to stay up long hours, get up early in the morning, and do whatever it takes to make it work. You have to have an incredible work ethic!

(2) Be willing to sacrifice. You have to be willing to sacrifice time and money if you want to become successful. 99% of the time there is an initial investment involved when starting your own business, so you do what you need to do to make it happen. If it means not eating out for an entire year, then so be it. Also, you can’t become a millionaire by getting up at 11 AM and working for 4 hours a day. Get up early and put in whatever hours you need to put in to complete everything on your task list for the day.

(3) Learn to accept failure. This is an important one. Failure is going to happen, there is no going around that, and if you can’t learn to accept it you will never find success. Failure teaches you lessons, teaches you what you need to do differently in order to continue moving forward. Instead of getting frustrated when you fail, smile, accept it, and make whatever adjustments you need to make so that you continue moving towards your goals.

(4) Improve yourself daily. The way to do so is by reading 10-20 pages of a personal development every single day. Some books I recommend are “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell, “Talent is Never Enough” by John Maxwell, “The Art of Exceptional Living” by Jim Rohn, “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, and “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.

(5) Serve others. If you are in a business solely to make money and put that at the forefront of your motivation to build a business, you’re going to have a very hard time making money. If you want to build a successful business, you have to serve others. Help people, change lives, build a relationship and trust, and once you’re able to do so, you will get many people involved with your business.

(6) Find your passion. You can’t build a million dollar business if you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing. You have to enjoy waking up every day to work on your business, not dread it. If you can’t put your heart and soul into it, you won’t become successful. Find a business that doesn’t feel like a job, but rather something you love doing every single day.

(7) Find a career that creates residual income. Most careers out there stop paying you the moment you stop working. You can make $150k every year for 30 years, but when you stop working, your pay stops as well. Not with network marketing. Choose the right network marketing career and you can set yourself up for life. If I stop working today, I will still make money tomorrow and years and years to come. Multilevel marketing is a system that is completely misunderstood, but yet has incredible benefits.

(8) Stay consistent. If you want to become a millionaire by 30, you’re not going to do it in 2 months. You have to have patience and stay consistent over a LONG period of time! You have to throw all beliefs of instant gratification out of your mind.

(9) Understand duplication. In multilevel marketing, duplication is key. You have to create a proven, simple system that anyone can succeed with and is able to be passed on from distributor to distributor.

(10) Be a leader, not a manager. Trust me, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE! Leaders lead by example, are supportive, positive, see everyone as an equal, and guide people the proper way, whereas most managers are bossy, demanding, and feel like they are “above you.” When a leader speaks, the entire crowd stops what their doing, is captivated and inspired by what he or she says. A leader listens to his/her team, is open for new ideas, and isn’t afraid to admit they’re wrong. A leader is someone who puts others before him or herself.

(11) Find a mentor. If you’re going to start your own business in multilevel marketing, you better make sure you sign up with someone who has had tremendous success in the business. Too many times do I see people sign up with someone who has absolutely no idea what they’re doing, and it severely slows their rate of growth. Find someone who is successful, you can learn from, who is positive, who is a TRUE leader in the business and sign up with them. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

I truly hope you enjoyed and learned from my story and the tips on how to become a millionaire by 30. If you have any questions, just reach out to me at If you’re interested in the business that I’m a part of, Team Beachbody, you can email me as well and we will set up a call.

*DISCLAIMER: Beachbody does not gaurantee the success of any Coach. Success in this business is based on skill, time and knowledge of each individual Coach}*



Jul 02

Beachbody Coach Success Secret

beachbody coach successOne of the most common questions that I get when I’m at various Beachbody events, from other coaches across the network, and coaches on my team is, “What’s your Beachbody Coach success secret? Everyone seems to think that I’m successful because I have this secret formula that I’m just not sharing with them, but news flash, THAT’S NOT THE CASE! In fact, what you see with me is what you get. The things that I train my coaches on are the EXACT same things that I do myself! So why is it that some Beachbody coaches are extremely successful and others aren’t? If I look back, there is one thing that separates me from the rest of the crowd, and that’s my ability to stay CONSISTENT and WORK HARD every single day!

How I Learned About Hard Work

My work ethic started when I was about 12 years old. At that time I started playing travel baseball for the first time. Now, I wasn’t the best player on the team, in fact I might have been the worst. I hit in the 9 hole, played right field, and my batting average was CRAP! One night, my father came up to me and told me to go downstairs in the basement and hit 1,000 balls off the tee. Reluctantly, I did it, and by the time I was done my hands were destroyed. The next night he told me to do it again, and then again and again every night after that. In all honesty, I HATED IT! I’m not going to disobey my father, though, so I just sucked it up and went down and did it. Little did I know that he was teaching me the importance of hard work and working harder than everyone else. Fast forward a few months and I started noticing that I was getting better. I was seeing the ball better, hitting the ball better, and guess what, my batting average started increasing! Something then changed in me and suddenly it clicked, if I wanted to be good at something, I had to work hard at it every single day. From that point on, I started enjoying going down in the basement and hitting off the tee.

Maybe a year or so later I was at a hitting camp and as we were all sitting in a circle, the instructor said, “Raise your hand if you think you can come up here and hit 50 balls off the tee without hitting the tee.” Confidently, I raised my hand because I had done that THOUSANDS of times before! I looked around and realized I was the only one who had raised their hand. The instructor walked up to me and said, “OK son, get up here and prove it.” I walked up to the tee and hit 50 balls without hitting it once. He then said, “Now I want you to close your eyes and hit 50 more.” “Close my eyes? Really?” I thought to myself, but I closed my eyes, visualized where the ball would be, and swung like I had done thousands of times before. I didn’t hit the tee. He looked at me, almost puzzled (maybe it was impressed?) and said, “Now switch over to the left side and hit 50 more balls.” Now I was a little nervous because I had never done it before, but I did what he asked and jumped over to the other side and hit quite a few balls off the tee before he stopped me. He said, “I’m going to turn you into a switch hitter.” He saw my confidence and knew that the only way to get that confidence was to work hard day in and day out with my swing.

I went home and started working on my left handed swing, and by the time high school rolled around, I had begun hitting from the left side of the plate. I had become a switch hitter because of my work ethic. I was the starting center fielder and leadoff hitter for the team for years, and my senior year we went 32-2, losing in the State Championship game. I then got a scholarship to play ball in college, and wound up winning numerous conference, regional, and national awards my junior and senior years.

Why did I share those stories? Because that is the EXACT type of discipline and hard work that I have applied to both my health and now Beachbody Coach Business. It’s the reason why I have had an UNBELIEVABLE P90X transformation and the reason why I won the Top Beachbody Coach 2010 award! I have always known that if I want to be the best, I have to work harder than everyone else, and I confidently believe that I have done so and continue to do so every single day. Hard work and consistency are in my blood, and they are my Beachbody Coach success secret!

Hopefully from this post you now understand that I have no secret formula for success other than WORK HARD and STAY CONSISTENT! Understand, too, that success is not going to come overnight. Rather, it takes time and patience to see results with anything, especially the Beachbody Coach business. You can’t expect to start as a coach today and make $5,000 a week in 2 months, it just doesn’t work that way! However, if you can stay consistent, work hard on things that will help you stay productive daily, then over a period of a year, 2 years, 5 years you might see some Beachbody Coach success. Remember, never, ever give up! Keep pushing forward every single day.

May 03

How Do I Find My Dream Job

how to find my dream jobRight now I’m sitting outside on my patio of our dream home with my shirt off, working on my tan so I don’t fry when I head to the beach here in a few weeks, listening to some Florida Georgia Line, watching my daughter play with a brand new water toy we got her, and working. Yeah, that’s right, I’m working. How? I have my dream job. I’m 28, a full time Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, work from home, have no bills, no debt with the exception of our house, which will be paid off very shortly, and am completely financially secure. We travel quite a bit, stay at nice hotels, and completely ENJOY life! It wasn’t like this 5 years ago, though. My wife and I were on government support, struggling through life, could barely pay our bills, lived in a very dangerous neighborhood, and were worried and stressed about what the future had in store for us. I made a decision, a decision to change and never looked back. I, like others, though, wanted to know how to find my dream job, and crazy enough, it was by complete accident that I was introduced to it! Now, I love what I do, and it’s a job that DOESN’T feel like a job. So, now you might be wondering, “how do i find my dream job?”, and that’s what I’m going to help you with in this post.

4 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

(1) Determine what it is that you love! What are you passionate about? Is it health and fitness? Is it helping others? Is it being around kids? It could be something different all together, but whatever it is, figure it out! Once you do, write it down and then Google careers that revolve around it. Write them down as well. My passion has always been to help people, and after I went through P90X I became passionate about health and fitness as well, and becoming a Beachbody Coach was the best option for me!

(2) Determine what the pay scale is for each career. If you end up going with a certain job, what is the potential salary? Also, figure out if you will be limited or not. Since I own my own business, I know that there is nothing better than being in complete control of how much you make, not have someone else be in control. If you can find an opportunity to own your own business in your related field, that’s your best bet!

(3) Figure out how demanding the work schedule will be. If you’re wondering how to find your dream job, this is something that’s very important to keep in mind! If you’re starting your own business, your schedule will be VERY demanding because you are building something from the ground up, but over time the amount of time it requires will become less and less and you will have more freedom. That’s been the case for me. I worked extremely hard for the first 2 years as a Beachbody Coach, establishing my business, and over the years I have become very efficient with what I do, stick to a strict schedule, delegate responsibilities, and have created more freedom for myself. If your dream job consists of you working under someone else, talk to someone who has been with the business for more than 10 years and ask him/her how demanding their work schedule is. That will give you a good idea of how much time you will be putting in each week! Remember, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, FREEDOM to spend time with your friends and family is what’s most important!

(4) Take action! If you’re wondering “How do I find my dream job,” you can’t sit around and wait for it to come to you. No, you need to TAKE ACTION!  Once you narrow your career ideas, do more research on them, and then when you narrow it down to just one and are CONFIDENT that it’s the right choice, then you need to determine how to get started. If it’s a large company you want to work for, send them your resume, and then follow up a few days later to make sure they received it. If you decide to start your own business, find out what you need to do to get started. Are there start-up costs? If it’s something like network marketing (which is what I’m in), figure out which team is the best team to join. Do they have great training? Have they had a lot of success? These are important things to think about!

These are the steps that I took in determining whether or not becoming a full time Beachbody Coach was the right path for me to take! Hopefully you found these tips in how to find your dream job helpful as well, and find that dream career soon! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Apr 29

How Do You Become a Beachbody Coach

how do you become a beachbody coach

How do you become a Beachbody coach? First of all, I’m glad you’ve found my site! For those of you who don’t know, that’s me over there in the picture to the left, my name is Josh Spencer, and I’m a 14 Star Diamond, 3 time Elite, and won Top Beachbody Coach 2010. I’m also a full time Beachbody Coach and have been since 2010. I’ve been a Beachbody Coach since July of 2008 and have established one of the top Beachbody Teams in the nation, Team Next Level. We have had a TON of success as a team, and have even kept the Top Beachbody Coach Award within the team for the PAST 3 YEARS!

(Become a Beachbody Coach on Team Next Level!)

Taking the Next Step

Congrats to you for taking a step forward in your life and at least thinking about starting your own business as a Beachbody Coach. I was in your shoes back in 2008, and it can be both scary and exciting, but have no fear, if you join the right coach and Beachbody team it can be a very fun and enjoyable process. However, if you rush into signing up as a Beachbody Coach and sign up under someone or a team that doesn’t have success or experience, it can have quite a negative impact on your future success and income. So what I’m going to do for you now is give you 4 things you absolutely need to think about before becoming a Beachbody Coach!

What to Look For in a Beachbody Sponsor

(1) Previous success. Is the Beachbody Coach you’re about to sign up under have any success? What rank are they? How long have they been in the business? Do they have a supportive upline/team? Take the time to find out these things, as they are very important for your individual success. The longer they have been in the business, the more supportive the team they have, and the higher the rank they are, the greater the chance you have in becoming a successful Coach yourself. Also, pay close attention to the success of the coaches underneath them! If those coaches aren’t successful, then chances are they don’t have a great system of duplication.

(2) Does the Beachbody team you’re about to sign up under have a training system? If you’re wondering how do you become a Beachbody Coach, you need to first look ahead a little and think about what your next steps will be in getting started. Will there be a training system that you will be immediately plugged into? The last thing you want to happen is get signed up and be stranded, wondering what to do next. Make sure there is a proven and effective training system in place! On my team, we have an excellent training system. Not only do we have our own private training website, but we have a 30 day New Coach Bootcamp that you will immediately be plugged into as well. Once you get through those trainings, you will have the option to join more advanced trainings and bootcamps.

(3) Does your sponsor have time for you? This is a legitimate question. I have a TON of coaches come to me and complain because their current sponsor never gets back to them in a timely manner and doesn’t stay in contact with them. Because I am a full time Beachbody Coach and manage my time very efficiently, I always have time for the new coaches that join my team. If they ever need to set up a call, I’m always here for them.

(4) Does the sponsor and team you’re about to sign up with have integrity and ethics? This is something that is VERY IMPORTANT to me and should be to you as well. You don’t want to join a Beachbody Team who is out to just sell products, but rather join with someone who puts others first and is out to change as many lives as possible. Throughout my entire coaching career, I have made it a priority to only sign coaches who have integrity and are in this business for the right reason, and that’s to help others. I have even turned away people because I didn’t feel they were in line with our goals and mission as a team.

If you’re wondering how do you become a Beachbody Coach, again, make sure you consider the 4 points I addressed above! It’s important that you become a Beachbody Coach with the right sponsor and team. If you are looking to be a Beachbody Coach on my team, Team Next Level, and I’m already your coach, just click here! If not, feel free to reach out to me at I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have and steer you in the right direction. Remember, BE SMART about your decision because it can affect the rest of your life!

Apr 19

Elite Beachbody Coach Josh Spencer

elite beachbody coachIf you don’t know, my name is Josh Spencer and I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for the past 5 years, and an Elite Beachbody Coach for the past 3 years. I got into the Beachbody Business a few months after my first round of P90X solely for the reason of helping others achieve the results that I did! I developed a passion for health and fitness, and I have always been passionate about helping others, all going back to my involvement in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization back in high school, so becoming a Beachbody Coach made sense to me. Shortly after, I formed my team, Team Next Level, and I guess the rest is history! I became a full time Beachbody Coach in 2010, won the Top Beachbody Coach award in the same year, was a Top 10 Beachbody Coach in 2011, and an Elite Coach in 2012. Crazy enough, we have kept the Top Beachbody Coach belt within Team Next Level for the past 3 years!

What does it mean to be an Elite Coach? What it all comes down to is that I’veteam next level been able to help a LOT of people over the years with both the fitness and business. My responsibility as a coach is to help as many people as possible get healthy by recommending Beachbody products that I have used and have worked for me (make me your coach), and to be a leader and help other Beachbody coaches on my team do the same. Being an Elite Beachbody Coach means that I have done that very well! I have helped thousands of people make a positive change in their life since I started coaching back in 2008, and honestly, there isn’t too much that is better than that. When I wake up in the morning, I’m excited to get to work (even though it doesn’t feel like work) because I know that I’m going to have a positive impact on more people’s lives that day. How many people can say they are excited to go to work every day? Not many. The greatest feeling, though, is when I get an email or message from someone letting me know that without my help, they aren’t sure where they would be today, and they thank me for having the confidence in them that they can change.

Top Beachbody Coach Tips

  • Passion. You have to be passionate about helping others! If not, forget about becoming successful, let alone an Elite Beachbody Coach. 
  • Recommend, not sell. If you’re not a “product of the product,” meaning you have used Beachbody products and gotten results with them, then you will be selling the products instead of recommending them. I recommend Shakeology because it’s something that I have been taking every day for the past 3 years that has WORKED for me, so I’m confident it will work for others as well. Make sense?
  • Find a mentor. If you’re already a Beachbody Coach, hopefully you signed up with a successful Beachbody Coach or one with a successful upline. If you’re not yet a Coach, though, MAKE SURE you sign up with a Coach that has had a lot of success! If you don’t have a mentor to teach you the Beachbody Business, it could take a lot longer for you to find success.
  • Create concrete goals! I have a goal board that I write all my goals on. Make sure you write your short term, medium term, and long term goals down, and put them somewhere you will see them every day.
  • Stay organized. Read “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.
  • Treat the business like a business. If you work extremely hard day in and day out and treat this as you are starting a brand new business (which you are), then in time you can become an Elite Beachbody Coach.
  • Patience. Success takes time! With fitness, you can’t work out and eat healthy today and expect to wake up the next day 100 lbs lighter, right? No, it takes hard work and commitment to the workouts and diet day in and day out, and over a long period of time you will reach your goals. The Beachbody Business is the same way. If you are doing the RIGHT things daily, over time you can become an Elite Coach.
  • Ability to overcome obstacles. You will struggle, and how you handle those rough times depends on how successful you will become. Instead of getting frustrated by obstacles, accept them, make adjustments, and continue moving forward.
  • Ability to step outside your comfort zone. If you don’t do things that aren’t comfortable, then you’re not moving forward. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone DAILY!
  • Be a leader. You have to be a leader to the coaches on your team. Read leadership books, study those who are great leaders, and improve your leadership skills every day.
  • Stay positive. Everything that you do should be positive. Remember, people want to be around and follow people who makes them feel good! If you’re being negative, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to follow you.

As an Elite Beachbody Coach for the past 3 years, I hope you have found my tips helpful. If you’re not a Coach yet and want to become a Beachbody Coach, feel free to reach out to me at Remember, in order to be successful in anything, you have to have a PASSION for it!

Mar 25

Team Beachbody Disney World

Josh Spencer Melinda SpencerLast night we got back from the Team Beachbody Disney World Success Club trip, and I just felt the need to write a post about our experience and why I am yet again so grateful to be a part of such an unbelievable company. Before I get into the trip itself, though, I first need to give you a brief overview of my story and what the Team Beachbody Success Club trip even is. First, my story.

I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for almost 5 years now, joining back in July of 2008. I joined for the sole reason of helping other people achieve what I was able to achieve with P90X. I’ve always had a passion for helping others, and once I finished P90X and got the results I got, I guess I sort of developed another passion for health and fitness, and at that point I thought it just made sense to become a Beachbody Coach and see how many lives I could impact in a positive way. Plus, it was a little escape from a career that I wasn’t particularly enjoying. Little did I know at the time that in just a few years Beachbody would become my full time career and create complete freedom for my family and I!

My life changed forever in the beginning of 2010. At that point I realized that I had the potential to build a massive Beachbody business and really hit the ground running, putting in countless hours and helping hundreds of people at a time. A year later I was named the Top Beachbody Coach 2010. Since then, I have been on countless trips around the world, seeing things that many people don’t even see in their lifetime, experiencing things that I could have never even possibly dreamed of, and wake up every single day thankful for what God has created for my family and I. I am living the dream, the life, and I have to pinch myself sometimes because sometimes even I don’t believe it’s real. I do know, though, that I have worked my tail off to get where I’m at, and will continue doing everything in my power to change as many lives as possible for as long as I live.

Now that you know a little bit of my background, let’s get to the Success Club trip. This Family and I at Downtown Disneyyear marks the 3rd year in a row that I have won a free trip because of making Success Club, an incentive program created by Beachbody rewarding those coaches who do some great things in their businesses. The first year was a cruise, last year was a trip to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, and this year was a trip to Disney World. This year was very special for me, though, because I was able to bring my daughter Madison with me for the first time. Maddie is just about to turn 4, and I swear she watches Disney movies every single day, and we have been talking about the trip to her for about a year now. Her excitement grew daily, and I just couldn’t wait to see the expression on her face when she saw Cinderella’s castle and the Disney characters for the first time. When that moment finally came, it was priceless. She was absolutely thrilled, and you could see the joy and excitement in her big blue eyes. It was a special moment for me as well, though, because I realized that we were experiencing that moment right there because of how hard Melinda and I have worked over the past few years and the amount of lives we have changed. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s one of those moments where you feel so proud that a feeling of pure happiness and joy travels through your body giving you goosebumps. If you have never experienced that before, I truly hope you do at some point because there’s not much better than it.

Team Beachbody Disney WorldSomething else that I love about these Beachbody trips are the friendships that you build. I swear that every time I go on one of these trips we come out of it with new friends. Many friends of mine are people that I have met through Beachbody, and for that I’m truly thankful. Something I’ve learned is that Beachbody Coaches are some of the most genuine, good hearted, and caring people I have ever met in my life, and you can’t help but become friends with them because you want to surround yourself with good people. That’s been the case on every trip I’ve been on, and this one is no exception. Even though we met a lot of great people on this trip, we got to know two particular coaches, Lindsay and Ryan, pretty well. Not sure how it happened, but we started talking to and hanging out with them while on the trip, and they eventually ended up coming to dinner with us and we spent time with them for the remainder of the trip. During that time we got to know them, their passion for changing lives, their stories, and their raw desire to be successful. It’s neat to see that excitement and desire in others because it’s something that I’ve always experienced myself, and it’s been my driving force to become successful in this business, but it’s also very rare to find in people anymore. They have it, and because of that passion and willingness to just flat out help people, there is no doubt in my mind that they both will be absolute Rock Stars! Lindsay is well on her way as a brand new 5 Star Diamond and Ryan isn’t too far behind her.  Anyways, I am so thankful for the people that Beachbody has brought into my life, and I know that the friendships we are building now are ones that will last forever. I know I can speak for my entire family, but it was an honor to meet Ryan and Lindsay.

In conclusion, this Team Beachbody Disney Trip has been one of the best of my entire life, and one that I won’t ever forget. From the memories I created with my daughter, wife, and mother, to the friendships we established, we will forever be grateful that Beachbody allowed us to experience something so special. Thank you Beachbody from the bottom of my heart, and I can’t wait to see what other trips the future has in store for us! I do know, though, that the next trip to Vegas for the Team Beachbody Coach Summit will be CRAZY INSANE!

Nov 09

Beachbody Canada

beachbody canada

For the past few years, many of the Canadians that I have coached through Beachbody programs have come to me asking when the official launch of Team Beachbody Canada will happen. Unfortunately, for the longest time I kept having to tell them that I didn’t know, but found out some good news recently in September at the Beachbody Leadership Event. The official Beachbody in Canada launch date was going to be Oct. 1st, 2012! Immediately, I informed all of the people that I coach, and quite a few of them decided to become Team Beachbody Coaches. Now, they are having tremendous success early on, and will undoubtably become some of the Top Beachbody Coaches on my team, Team Next Level.

If you’re looking to join Team Beachbody Canada, there are quite a few reasons why I feel that my Beachbody team would be the perfect fit for you.

Beachbody Canada: Reasons to Join Team Next Level

(1) Unprecedented Success. Team Next Level is one of the top Beachbody Teams in the entire country! Why? We have won the Top Beachbody Coach award for the past 2 years with me, Josh Spencer, winning Top Beachbody Coach 2010, and one of my personally sponsored coaches winning Top Beachbody Coach 2011. On top of that, we have many Star Diamond Coaches and quite a few in the Top 20 for 2012.

(2) Unbelievable Support. The amount of support that you will receive if you decide to be a Beachbody Canada Coach for Team Next Level will truly be remarkable. Not only will you have my full support since I’m a full time Beachbody Coach, you will also be added to our Team Next Level Facebook page, where you will get support from the thousands of other coaches on our team. I also have a Team Beachbody Canada page for any Canadians that become Beachbody Coaches. If you join our team, you will not have to worry about support!

(3) Excellent Training. The Beachbody training system that our team has developed is one that’s very simple and can be easily duplicated by any Beachbody Canada Coach that joins your team. Once you become a Beachbody Coach, you will immediately be plugged into our private training website where you will learn how to build the business, regardless if you want to build it online through social media marketing or offline through Fit Clubs.

(4) Integrity. My parents and grandparents taught me while growing up that whatever I do in life, I should always do it with integrity. This is something that I value greatly, and have stayed true to my values when building Team Next Level. Whenever someone wants to join my team, I make sure that they are joining for the right reasons, and that’s to help others. Helping others is our number one focus, and we have even turned people away because they could care less about helping others and just want to make a lot of money. Interestingly enough, if you’re focused on helping others the money will come, but if you’re focused on making money you will never be able to do so. Because we make sure the people who join our team has integrity, we are a very close team, and many of the coaches are like family to me.

If you’re looking to join Team Beachbody Canada, I hope you decide to join our team. Like I mentioned above, we have unprecedented success, excellent training, great support, and are a team of integrity. If you have any questions or want to become a Canadian Beachbody Coach on our team, feel free to reach out to me, Josh Spencer, at, or message me over on my Facebook Page.

Oct 30

Top Beachbody Coaches

Josh Spencer Top Beachbody Coaches 2010

When it comes to Top Beachbody Coaches, my team, Team Next Level, has absolutely set the precedent, winning Top Coach 2010, Top Coach 2011, and Top Coach 2012. I, Josh Spencer, won the award in 2010 and a coach that I brought into the Beachbody Business, Wayne Wyatt, won the award in 2011 and 2012. Why do we have such a successful Beachbody Team? Because we are in the business for the right reason, and that’s to help others.

My Beachbody Story

When I decided to become a Beachbody Coach back in 2008, I didn’t have any intention on building a business. In fact, I joined strictly because I wanted to do something that I was passionate about that could help a lot of people. For years I had been looking for something that would leave me with a sense of fulfillment like I experienced when was a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program as a “Big” back in high school, and I never could find it again until I became a Beachbody Coach. After going through P90X and getting unbelievable results, I guess I sort of developed a passion for health and fitness, and started talking to everyone I knew about the program, and it felt amazing knowing that I was able to help them change their life just like I had changed mine.

When I started coaching, I found myself getting completely absorbed into answering emails and messages and reaching out to friends, family, and others on Facebook and other social media sites. It was a blast to me, and I would be up till 1 or 2 AM talking to people, not because I wanted to build the business, but rather because I just loved the fact that I was having a positive impact on others’ lives. Because I had the right intentions, though, interestingly enough I started seeing my business begin to increase little by little. Many people started making me their coach so that they could have my support while they go through the program, and many of those people started becoming Beachbody Coaches under me because they got the results, developed and passion for Beachbody and helping others with health and fitness, and wanted to do something to pay it forward.

About a year later, in January of 2010, my Beachbody Business had grown so much that I decided to become a full time Beachbody Coach. That was the point where my business took off, and I dedicated myself 100% towards building a team of Top Beachbody Coaches. By the end of the year I had won Top Beachbody Coach 2010 and had other coaches on Team Next Level begin to experience tremendous success as well. Wayne Wyatt emerged as a leader on my team and ended up winning the Top Coach 2011 award.

What Team Next Level is About

As I mentioned earlier, we are a team that truly cares about helping other people, and that’s why I feel that we have many of the Top Beachbody Coaches in the country. We are not salespeople and are not looking to “sell” anything, but rather recommend products that we have personally used, have worked for us, and support each individual that goes through whatever Beachbody program they choose to go through. We are a team of integrity and ethics, and have a great support and training system in place for anyone who joins Team Next Level as a Beachbody Coach as well. If you’re interested in becoming a Beachbody Coach, just email me at

Last, I’ve got to take some time and just talk about how much I appreciate and respect every single coach on my team. There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am today and wouldn’t have won Top Beachbody Coach without them! It’s been an incredible journey over the past 5 years, one I wouldn’t trade for anything. This is not even close to an individual effort, and in fact, the entire team would not be where it is today if we didn’t support one another, care about one another, and be willing to share ideas. We help each other grow, help each other progress, and that’s something that you don’t find very often. This is a complete TEAM EFFORT! So if you’re a Team Next Level coach, THANK YOU! Your desire to change lives through fitness, desire to help your coaches create freedom, your integrity, your ethics, is truly inspiring to me and something I greatly respect. The crazy thing is that this is JUST THE BEGINNING! I have a dream to fill an entire stadium with TNL coaches, change MILLIONS of lives, and I know with your help that we will get there.

Hopefully by reading this that you got a clear understand of what Team Next Level is all about and why we have many of the Top Beachbody Coaches in the country. If you have any questions, you can email me at the email address above, and if you would like to make me your Beachbody Coach, just click on the link!