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Jan 06

Success is Found by Never Giving Up

First Max 30 WorkoutThere I was, sweat steadily dripping from my face onto my sweatshirt, exhausted, hands on my knees, breathing heavy and at the point where I wanted to shut off the DVD and go back to my comfort zone of lifting heavy. I was at the 12 minute mark of my first Insanity Max 30 workout, and I was completely spent. There was nothing left in the tank. I hit pause, trying to catch my breath, and couldn’t stop thinking about what it would mean if I just quit right then. What would that say about me? I have never given up on anything in my entire life, why would I give up on a 30 minute workout? I didn’t, so I clicked play and kept pushing myself until the entire 30 minutes was up. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. After the workout, as I was sipping on my Shakeology for recovery, my mind started racing thinking about the hundreds of times I could have given up, but never did, and how it’s a major reason why I’ve achieved so much in my 29 years of life. If you look at anyone who’s been successful in anything, they are where they are today because they haven’t given up.  When they struggle, they keep going. When they fail, they keep going. When everything seems stacked against them, they keep going. Now I want to give you some specific examples of why you should never give up on yourself.

I want to take you back in time for a minute. I was 15 years old, playing travel baseball over summer vacation, and we were playing a double header on a hot, sunny day. For some reason, I was struggling terribly during this summer, and it kept messing with my confidence. During the first at bat of the first game, I whiffed 3 times and struck out. I got pissed off at myself, went back to the bench, thought about what I was doing wrong, and just got more frustrated. Was it my mechanics? Was the pitcher really that good? I couldn’t find a solution, but when I went up to the next at bat, all I could think about was the previous at bat and not making contact once. Any guesses what happened? Yeah, I struck out again, and it happened about 4 more times during the day. That was it, I was benched for the first time in my life. I’ll never forget that terrible feeling, knowing that my attitude and confidence was what brought my summer season crashing down. I felt like someone ran up to me, punched me in the gut, and then pointed and laughed at me. Nobody wants to sit on the bench and watch others play, so it completely destroyed me. Baseball was my life, what the hell was I going to do now? I went straight up to my room after the game, shut the door, and just sat on the floor in front of my bed, thinking about a solution. Was there one? Should I quit baseball? I sure as hell don’t want to sit on the bench for the rest of the summer. I knew I should be the one playing, I worked my ass off for it, how was I going to get the coach to have confidence in me again? That’s when my dad walked into my room, threw a personal development book on my bed called “The Magic of Thinking Big” and told me to read it.

Perfect timing. The solution was right there in the book. What was it? That I needed to accept my failure, stop worrying about it, believe in myself and figure out what adjustment I needed to make so that I could get back out there on the field. The past is the past, let go of it and move forward, so that’s what I did. After that I worked harder than I ever had before and slowly began believing in myself again. Even though I was benched for the remainder of the season, I was determined to come back and kick ass that next year, so that’s exactly what I did. That next summer season I ended up having one of the best summers of baseball in my entire life. I took that mentality and applied it to every season after that, and not only did I end up getting a scholarship to play in college, I wound up receiving conference, regional, and national honors my junior and senior years.

Fast forward to 2008. My life was a freakin’ mess at that point. I was working a career that IP90X Results Josh Spencer thought I would enjoy, but ended up completely hating, I was out of shape, my confidence was in the gutter, and I was drinking just about every night. Needless to say, I was at an all time low in my life. Not my proudest moment, but it happened and is now part of my story. Anyways, I could have continued doing what I was doing, getting the same results, falling even more out of shape, drowning myself in the crap that was going on, or I could do something about it and change. Giving up on myself was never an option, so I did something about it. I started P90X, stopped drinking, lost 25 lbs, got into the best shape of my entire life, increased my confidence, and eventually became a Beachbody Coach because I fell in love with health and fitness and helping others achieve results like I did. I had no idea that this little side thing I did for fun would eventually become my full time career, but it was a tough journey to get to that point.

Pictures 023I stopped getting paid at my financial advising job because I missed my quota one month, and with the way the pay was set-up, you have to make up for the missed amount from the previous month and reach the quota for the current month as well. Yeah, that didn’t happen, so for months on end I was working my job that I hated and didn’t get paid doing it. Sounds awesome, right? After not getting paid for 5 months (yes, 5 months), I decided to quit and work part time with my dad and part time on Beachbody to try to turn it into a legit business. Starting your own business is tough, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And then you put yourself in my position, a young 22 year old guy who had no prior success in business, and it’s nearly impossible to get things going. What was I supposed to do? I had no idea, and I failed over and over and over again, so much that I had to laugh when it happened, but I never stopped. I kept chugging along, making adjustments, because I was determined to be successful. No matter what obstacle, what objection, what failure, was thrown my way, I was a train that was slowly moving, just waiting to gain momentum. Things were bad for me financially too. On top of my business struggles, my now wife and I were living in a one bedroom apartment that we could barely afford, sleeping on the couch so our daughter could sleep in our only room, and were struggling to pay our bills. It was normal for us to have $50 in our bank account at a time, and at one point government support was the only way to keep us afloat. Most people would just give up, but that’s not how I’m geared. After over a year of failing miserably, things started to turn around.

The latter part of 2009 is when I had my first “ah ha!” moment, and I was beginning to Millionaire Clubfigure out how to become a successful Beachbody Coach. In the beginning of 2010, I decided to make Coaching my full time career (it was risky, but I had faith in myself), and that was the year that changed my life and my business. I ended up winning the Top Beachbody Coach award out of over 50,000+ Coaches, and quadrupled my income. I was helping well over 100 people a week make a change in their life and building a success team at the same time. Fast forward to today, we are one of the largest and most successful teams in Team Beachbody. We have won 3 Top Coach belts, have 3 people in the Millionaire’s Club (me included), and have well over 10,000 Coaches on the team. My wife and I have paid off all of our debt and are living a life of freedom. We haven’t worried about paying bills for 5 years now, and can do what we want, when we want. We also can give back more to those in need, and there is nothing better than that.

I have achieved all the success I have today because I have never given up. When most people would quit, I keep going. Nothing is going to stop me. I’ve failed and struggled more times than you could ever imagine, but I’ve always believed that I could accomplish incredible things, so I’ve worked my tail off to make it happen, and I have. If you are struggling with life, maybe it’s with your weight, finances, or career, take a look in the mirror. If you can look at the person staring back and feel confident that you are doing everything you possibly can to take yourself out of your current situation, then you’re doing the right things. However, most of you can’t. Too many people give up at the first sign up struggle, when things get tough, at the first failure. Success isn’t easy. It’s hard, very hard. You will never find success and easy in the same sentence, other than this one. If you have given up way too early, the great thing is that you can always try again. This time, though, commit yourself and never stop. If you can push through all those rough times you will experience in the beginning, you have no idea of the success waiting for you!

Jul 29

Overcoming Bullies

This post has been a long time coming. This is about a subject that I’m extremely passionate about, something that I hope helps kids out there today who are being bullied on a daily basis. Hopefully by the end you will understand what I went through, how I dealt with it, and how you can overcome the bullies in your life. Here’s my story.

Josh Spencer Bora BoraFor some reason when I was young I was the kid that the other kids liked to pick on. I have no idea why, I never did anything that caused me to deserve to get picked on, but regardless, it happened, and happened a lot. Maybe it was because I was different in the sense that I didn’t want to do bad things, but rather went to church weekly and wanted to live my life with integrity and ethics. That’s always been who I am, but apparently other kids didn’t like it. Or maybe it was because I didn’t have the best of clothes and wore the same things quite often. My family was never “rich” and never could afford the really nice clothes that everyone else was wearing. However, don’t get me wrong, we were never poor and my parents always created a comfortable living for us, but we were never that wealthy family who could afford and do anything they wanted. I was OK with that, though, and didn’t mind wearing clothes from stores like Wal-Mart. It didn’t bother me one bit. For whatever reason, though, there were a group of kids that felt the need to pick on me daily.

It wasn’t bad until I got to 5th grade. The young kids started growing up and started wanting to try “adult things,” and I just wasn’t into that. I saw separation begin to happen between students and certain cliques formed. There was the “popular group,” the “nerds,”  “the jocks,” and then everyone else who didn’t “fit in” according to them, and I was in that group. I was the kid who had a small group of friends that I hung out with all the time and we were the ones who just sort of did our own thing. The “popular group” always felt the need to pick on us though. I remember one day I went into the restroom and a couple of the bullies decided to follow me in. Of course they are going to talk their crap around me because it was always 3 of them and then just me. I was always outnumbered. Now, understand too, that my confidence was never the best at that age and I never really stood up for myself. I just sort of laughed it off like it was funny, but of course it never was. Anyways, in the restroom that day, I was doing my thing and then one of them decided to start picking on me and push me hard into the urinal. I ended up urinating all over my sweatshirt and they thought it was the funniest thing in the entire world. It wasn’t. I had to wear that pee-ridden sweatshirt for the remainder of the day, and the bullies thought that everyone in the class should know about it. Talk about embarrassing, that tops the list.

Each year the bullying got worse and worse. It got to the point where I barely had any friends left and started feeling sorry for myself. The bullies would say crap to me in the halls and do everything that they could to make themselves look “cool” to the others. I remember another incident in 7th grade where I was “going out” with this girl (which just involved talking on the phone) and one day while we were sitting together at intramurals right after lunch, one of the bullies came up to me and her and literally asked her if she wanted to “go out” with one of the popular guys, which was one of his friends. Shocked that he even did that, I was even more shocked when she got up and left me to go sit by the other kid. Then the “popular kids” all pointed at me and laughed and then yelled out that I was crying about it. All alone, I felt like the smallest person in the world. Crushed, embarrassed, hurt, I wasn’t sure what to do. All I could do was what I normally did, and when I got home I went and sat in the woods. I had a certain spot that I went to, one that was peaceful where I could just let it all out and think about everything. Nobody around, just me. It was my escape from everything that was going on.

High school is when it got much worse. My Freshman year was the year from hell. The upper class guys decided to join in on the fun and bully me as well, so now there were multiple groups of people who picked on me. Things began to change for me personally that year, though. I started becoming very strong from lifting, my confidence began increasing, and I had made the Varsity Baseball team when nobody else in my class did. Of course they hated that. I still sat at lunch quite often by myself, and I still didn’t have many friends. I remember 2 incidences my Freshman year that were not particularly good memories. One day I was playing intramural basketball after lunch. With our intramurals, there were all grades, so all the upper class bullies were in there as well. I was playing basketball and the next thing I feel is this incredible pain in my head and I just about fall over. One of the upper class bullies got within about 10 feet of me and threw a basketball as hard as he could at my head and it connected. Everyone was watching, and it was so incredibly embarrassing. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I was pissed off. I actually stood up for myself somewhat at that point, but not enough to make them stop picking on me.

Not too long afterwards I was at a track meet with my girlfriend at the time and we were sitting about 10 rows in front of a large group of bullies. Even the school quarterback (who I thought was a great guy, but of course was wrong) was with them. He never picked on me and I never had a problem with him up until that point. Anyways, while sitting there all the bullies were talking crap about me and her. I kept ignoring them but then she felt something hit her in the head, and it was gum that one of the bullies threw at her. It was stuck in her hair and I got extremely angry and decided to stand up to all of them. I got up, turned around, and asked them which one of them did it. I was livid at this point, but they were still laughing about it and nobody confessed. The quarterback was sitting with them laughing as well, and even though I don’t think he was the one who did it, he never stood up for me and what was right. He was a coward and didn’t want to ruin his reputation. We left and ended up having to cut the gum out of her hair.

It got to the point where I literally had just had enough and started lifting more, startedJosh Spencer reading personal development books, and started learning jujitsu from my father. I was now strong and confident in myself and knew that I could defend myself in a fight. The incident that I’m going to talk about next is the last one that I’ve ever had with the bullies. After that, there was nothing, and there’s a reason for that. I was at my locker one day after my baseball practice and a group of 3 bullies came up to me and started talking their crap. One of them got in my face and put his finger on my chest. Normally I would just walk away, but not today, enough was enough. Instead, I didn’t move, I was confident, and told him that if he ever put a finger on me again he would seriously regret it. I then just stared at him in the eyes, never backing down. What happened next is what I knew would happen, and the bully backed down and then talked more crap as he walked away. I never had an issue with them again, and surprisingly enough, years later we could actually tolerate one another.

After my Sophomore year I decided to transfer to another school. It wasn’t because I was getting bullied, because I wasn’t anymore, but rather because I wanted to play baseball for a school that would get me noticed by college scouts. It worked and I ended up getting a scholarship to play baseball in college. My college years were amazing, I had a lot of friends, I got along with people, and never once did I get bullied. It was because I was so confident in myself at that point, was helping others, and reading personal development books daily.

After years and years of studying bullies, reading personal development books, I began to understand why bullies do the things they do, why they have to tear others down. Why you ask? They do it to make themselves feel better. Crazy enough, even though they might be “popular,” they are extremely empty inside and feel like they have to prove something to others, and sometimes that just involves showing “dominance” and “power” by picking on smaller, less popular kids. Chances are the home life of these bullies is complete hell, and being “popular” and picking on others is an escape for them. They feel good about themselves when they tear down others.

The Magic of Thinking BigSo how do you deal with them? There are a few ways to do so. For one, ignore them. Let all their crap talking go in one ear and out the other. Words will never hurt you, or at least you shouldn’t let them hurt you. Never ever take anything a bully says to you to heart. Ignore them and move on with your life. Once they understand that you aren’t letting it get to you, usually they will stop. They only continue picking on those who they know they can get to. Second, focus on improving yourself and your own confidence. The way to do so is what I mentioned above, and that’s read a personal development book every single day. The one that I started with and highly recommend is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. The book changed my life, literally. Once you read that book, read another, and then another and another. I’m 28 and have been reading personal development books just about every day since I was 15. Third, learn self defense. Sometimes there are bullies who love to get physical, but the moment you have enough confidence to stand up to them is the moment they will stop bothering you. By learning self defense, you know how to defend yourself and win a fight if a bully starts one. Understand, though, that you should never start a fight! Self defense is just for that, self defense. Don’t abuse it. Fourth, if you see someone getting bullied, stand up for them. Don’t be that person who sits back and just accepts that bullying is going to happen. If you have the power to stop it, then do it. If I see someone picking on someone else, you better believe that I am the first one to stand up for that person. And last, surround yourself with positive people. Find a group of friends that will accept you for who you are!

So where am I now? I have had a ton of success in my life. I am married to my BEAUTIFUL Our Familywife Melinda with a 4 year old daughter, and another daughter on the way. My wife and I both own our own fitness businesses and work from home every day. I have been tremendously successful in the business, being inducted into the Millionaires Club and winning Top Beachbody Coach 2010 out of over 50,000 Coaches here in the U.S. My responsibility as a coach is to help people every single day with both the fitness side of things and the business side of it, and I’m completely passionate about what I do. I have created both financial and time freedom for my family and I. I have a ton of friends, people who love me for me, and that’s because for the past 5 years of my life I have committed myself to helping others change their life. Serve others and you will create a friends list so much bigger than you can imagine. I love life.

As you have read, I have been through some seriously rough times. Times of low self confidence, times of struggle, times of being lonely. Middle school and high school were hell for me, but I made it though it just fine. If you’re being bullied, I sincerely hope that you found this post helpful. Remember, bullies tear down others because it makes them feel better about themselves and whatever is lacking in their own lives. Be strong, be confident, ignore them, and keep focusing on improving yourself and moving towards your goals and dreams daily. I believe in you and am here for you! If you need to talk or even want me to come talk to your school, email me at I have a goal of ending bullying in schools and will do everything in my power to make it happen.


May 03

How Do I Find My Dream Job

how to find my dream jobRight now I’m sitting outside on my patio of our dream home with my shirt off, working on my tan so I don’t fry when I head to the beach here in a few weeks, listening to some Florida Georgia Line, watching my daughter play with a brand new water toy we got her, and working. Yeah, that’s right, I’m working. How? I have my dream job. I’m 28, a full time Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, work from home, have no bills, no debt with the exception of our house, which will be paid off very shortly, and am completely financially secure. We travel quite a bit, stay at nice hotels, and completely ENJOY life! It wasn’t like this 5 years ago, though. My wife and I were on government support, struggling through life, could barely pay our bills, lived in a very dangerous neighborhood, and were worried and stressed about what the future had in store for us. I made a decision, a decision to change and never looked back. I, like others, though, wanted to know how to find my dream job, and crazy enough, it was by complete accident that I was introduced to it! Now, I love what I do, and it’s a job that DOESN’T feel like a job. So, now you might be wondering, “how do i find my dream job?”, and that’s what I’m going to help you with in this post.

4 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

(1) Determine what it is that you love! What are you passionate about? Is it health and fitness? Is it helping others? Is it being around kids? It could be something different all together, but whatever it is, figure it out! Once you do, write it down and then Google careers that revolve around it. Write them down as well. My passion has always been to help people, and after I went through P90X I became passionate about health and fitness as well, and becoming a Beachbody Coach was the best option for me!

(2) Determine what the pay scale is for each career. If you end up going with a certain job, what is the potential salary? Also, figure out if you will be limited or not. Since I own my own business, I know that there is nothing better than being in complete control of how much you make, not have someone else be in control. If you can find an opportunity to own your own business in your related field, that’s your best bet!

(3) Figure out how demanding the work schedule will be. If you’re wondering how to find your dream job, this is something that’s very important to keep in mind! If you’re starting your own business, your schedule will be VERY demanding because you are building something from the ground up, but over time the amount of time it requires will become less and less and you will have more freedom. That’s been the case for me. I worked extremely hard for the first 2 years as a Beachbody Coach, establishing my business, and over the years I have become very efficient with what I do, stick to a strict schedule, delegate responsibilities, and have created more freedom for myself. If your dream job consists of you working under someone else, talk to someone who has been with the business for more than 10 years and ask him/her how demanding their work schedule is. That will give you a good idea of how much time you will be putting in each week! Remember, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, FREEDOM to spend time with your friends and family is what’s most important!

(4) Take action! If you’re wondering “How do I find my dream job,” you can’t sit around and wait for it to come to you. No, you need to TAKE ACTION!  Once you narrow your career ideas, do more research on them, and then when you narrow it down to just one and are CONFIDENT that it’s the right choice, then you need to determine how to get started. If it’s a large company you want to work for, send them your resume, and then follow up a few days later to make sure they received it. If you decide to start your own business, find out what you need to do to get started. Are there start-up costs? If it’s something like network marketing (which is what I’m in), figure out which team is the best team to join. Do they have great training? Have they had a lot of success? These are important things to think about!

These are the steps that I took in determining whether or not becoming a full time Beachbody Coach was the right path for me to take! Hopefully you found these tips in how to find your dream job helpful as well, and find that dream career soon! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Jan 21

My Passion for Changing Lives

Josh and Melinda SpencerEvery since I was young, I have always had a passion for helping people and changing lives. For years I have watched my parents and grandparents help those who were less fortunate and in need, and saw the positive impact they had on their lives. It inspired me, they definitely led by example, and now here I am, paying it forward and carrying on the family legacy.

For me, it all started back in high school. I am one of the very fortunate ones to have been raised properly by my family, and I figured it was time that I take everything I have learned and pass it on to those who might not have been as fortunate as I, so I decided to join the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. For those of you who don’t know what BBBS is, it’s a mentor program where you become a “Big” to a young boy or girl who has struggled in their life. You are required to spend a certain amount of time with that child per month, and you can do a range of different activities, everything from bike riding to swimming and playing sports. Anyways, I decided to join and became a “Big” to an 8 year old boy named David. Now David struggled with life when I first met him. Him and his sister were both living with their grandma, and both parents had pretty much abandoned them at that point.  On top of that, his sister, Lexi, was paraplegic because of an accident that her and her father got into when she was a baby. She was in the back in a car seat when the crash occurred, leaving her paralyzed, so the grandma had to not only raise two children, but take care of someone who needed a lot of medical attention as well. It was very, very tough on her, and without any fatherly figure in David’s life, she decided to enroll David into the BBBS program.

For 4 years I was a mentor to David, teaching him proper manors, helping him with just about as much as I could with life, and I felt fulfilled. There is not a greater feeling than knowing that you have had a positive impact on someone’s life! Unfortunately, David’s father came back into the picture, which sort of forced me out of it, and David and I had to part ways. Plus, I was leaving for college on a baseball scholarship, so it would have been very tough for me to keep up with the time requirements. Regardless, it was an experience that impacted my life, and for years and years I wanted to find something else that would bring back that feeling, something else that would allow me to impact people’s lives in a positive way, and I didn’t find it until 2008, when I was introduced to Beachbody.

It’s sort of a crazy story how I got involved with Beachbody, and you can read that story here, but I’m not going to talk much about that at this moment. In short, I fell out of shape after college because of the stress from my new Financial Advising career, found P90X, got into the best shape of my life, developed a passion for health and fitness, and then decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Bam! How was that? Short enough? The reason I became a Beachbody Coach, though, was because I found myself helping people with their health and fitness after I had completed the program, and that feeling of fulfillment was finally back in my life! It just felt good helping people realize they can make a change in their life and then being able to support them the entire time through the program until they got results themselves. And boy did they get results! I’ve literally had tens of thousands of people come to me for help over the years, and I’ve got to see unbelievable P90X transformations that would BLOW YOUR MIND! On top of the physical transformations, I helped people make the proper mental shift as well, recommending certain personal development books that have been able to change my life, books like “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz and “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. To watch these people change before my eyes has been a tremendous and fulfilling experience, and something that I would never trade for anything!

I forgot to mention that I’m now a full time Beachbody Coach! With the way the Beachbody Business is set up, I can help people every day and be able to support my family at the same time. To me, though, it doesn’t feel like a job, but rather a hobby that I just enjoy doing, just like volunteering to be a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I love what I do, and am completely passionate about being a Coach, and literally have my dream career. Now, though, I have even bigger aspirations. I want to give back even more than I already do, and am in the process of starting something to help kids deal with bullying. Bullying is a MAJOR issue in this country, and being bullied myself when I was young, I feel that I can have a huge impact and help thousands of kids! Be on the lookout because something HUGE is coming soon!

I am so fortunate to have been brought up the way I have and go through certain life experiences to where I can have a positive impact on other’s lives. From my involvement in Big Brothers Big Sisters to my experiences as a Beachbody Coach, nothing can replace that feeling of fulfillment, and I will continue to search for more ways that I can have a positive impact on the world!

Jan 15

Balancing Your Life

Beachbody Trip UtahFirst of all, sorry I haven’t been around for the past few weeks, but I decided to take a few trips to relax and have some fun! This actually fits right into the topic of this post, but I took some of the Beachbody Coaches on my team to Whistler, BC for a snowboarding trip, and then went out to Utah to do some more snowboarding and for a CAB (Coach Advisory Board) meeting. Anyways, I know a lot of people who work their tail off, but don’t take time to enjoy life. What’s the point? I have a motto, and sure it might be cliche and a common one, but it’s “work hard and play harder.” I live by that motto! Balancing your life between work and play is crucial, and I’m going to explain why.

I have accomplished a lot over the past 5 years. I have gotten into the best shape of my life, built a thriving Beachbody Business (won Top Beachbody Coach 2010), got married, and now have a 3 year old child. Every single one of these involves hard work and commitment to maintain, there is no doubt about that. However, for as hard as I have worked, I have enjoyed life just as much, if not more! Hard work is in my blood. For years and years I have watched my father work his tail off to build and maintain his businesses, and he’s done a great job, but very rarely takes the time to enjoy life. He’s 100% hard work ALL THE TIME! I have gotten my work ethic from him, but I have realized that there is no point to working hard if you’re not going to enjoy everything that you have worked so hard for. For years I made sacrifices, working late hours, pushing myself to extremes, but I did that for the freedom that I would attain by doing so. Now that I have that freedom, both financially and with time, why not live life to the fullest? It’s important, and that’s why I do it! It keeps me sane.

Let’s talk about balance with health and fitness. I’ve got a strong opinion when it comes to eating healthy and “cheating” on your diet. There are some people who think that you should eat healthy 100% of the time, NEVER cheating on your diet! Not me. I don’t believe that’s healthy for anyone. 98% of the time I’m a healthy eater. I will go days and days eating NOTHING bad for me, but there comes a point where I just want a slice of pizza or to have a few drinks with my friends, so I do. Do I worry about it? No. Why? Because I know that the next day I will be right on track, and that one cheat meal isn’t going to hurt my results or cause me to gain weight. Doing this keeps me balanced, and I’m able to maintain the path to my long term fitness goals. However, there is something that’s VERY important to understand here and a couple exceptions to the rule! (1) If you just started your fitness journey, it’s not smart to have a cheat meal every week. Go through your 90 days of P90X or whatever program you’re using, get the results, and then you can have some balance by eating a cheat meal every once in a while. (2) Don’t go crazy! Cheat meals can turn into cheat days, and then cheat weekends, or even cheat weeks, so it’s important that you limit yourself to just one cheat meal. By having this balance, it will keep you sane and focused on your long term fitness goals.

Balance with work and family. This was mostly what I was talking about above, but you have to have a balance between your work and family time. If you work too much, you will chase away the people you care about the most, your family and friends. What good does it do to work hard and make money and have nobody there to enjoy it with? It doesn’t. Work hard all day, but establish a cut-off time each evening where you shut off your phone, close your computer, and focus 100% of your attention on your family. I don’t care HOW BUSY you are, this is something that you absolutely 100% MUST DO! If you still have a lot of work to do, wait until your husband, wife, or children go to bed and then get back to work. Your family should be your #1 priority, so give them the attention that they deserve. It will help you maintain and healthy and happy relationship with them!

Enjoy life! If you work extremely hard like I do, you have to take time to enjoy life. What’s the point of working hard to make money if you aren’t going to do anything with it? I enjoy traveling, and now that I have the finances to do so, I do it a LOT! I love taking my coaches, family, and friends on trips. There are some point where I get so burnt out from working so much, and taking trips to places like Whistler, Tahiti, or the Cayman Islands helps me relax and refocus. What I find is that when I come back from these trips, I am more motivated than ever to get things done! These trips definitely help with my productivity. When on the trips, though, make sure you disengage from your business. It’s not going to be a good trip if you’re on the phone or your computer the entire time. Something I do is make it a “rule” that phones and computers have to be shut off. Your business is not going to go away just because you’re gone for a few days. Trust me, it will be there when you get back (unless something DRASTIC happens of course!)!

So hopefully you now have a good understanding of the important of staying BALANCED! It will be great for your relationships, your health, and your business!

Dec 28

Change Your Life in 2013!

Josh Spencer and Melinda SpencerLately I have talked to a lot of people who have been disappointed in the progress they have made towards their goals in 2012. Most of their goals revolved around fitness, but some had to do with relationships and business as well. Regardless, they aren’t happy with their progress or lack there of. This seems to be a common occurrence really. At the beginning of each year, people are excited, motivated, and ready to commit, but for some reason or another, motivation slips, they let themselves down, and then think, “Oh well, there’s always next year.” What then happens is that they try to change things the following year, but the same thing keeps happening over and over again until it gets to the point where they are in their 60’s and disappointed in their lack of success. So what about this year? Why can’t THIS YEAR be different? It can.

Let me share my story with you. 3 1/2 years ago my now wife (Melinda Spencer) and I were living paycheck to paycheck, cooped up in a one bedroom apartment, and were on government support. I had to quit my job as a financial advisor because I wasn’t making enough sales to reach my monthly quota therefore suspending my pay, so I did what I could do working for my dad to get us by. All I can say is the most embarrassing thing is to go to the grocery store and buy groceries with a food stamp card. We’re thankful that it was there to help out, but that experience alone is enough to make you want to change things. There came a point when things hit rock bottom for us, and I had literally had enough and just couldn’t accept where I was in my life. I remember sitting Melinda down on the couch one night and promising her that I would change things and give her the life that she deserved. However, I also told her that I needed her full support while doing this because it would take some SERIOUS hard work and commitment, along with many sacrifices. I said that if she could get on board with this that I would create complete freedom for our family in just a few years. As any great wife would do, she agreed.

The business that I planned on building was my Beachbody Business. I had been a Beachbody Coach for about a year at that point, but I didn’t put in the effort to take it to the next level. I knew that with the right amount of effort combined with my ambition and ability to never give up that I could build an empire, an extremely successful Beachbody Business. For an entire year I worked my ass off! I had to make a ton of sacrifices by working late and getting up early, and it was very tough on Melinda because I couldn’t spend a lot of time with her, but again, she knew what it would take to succeed. She knew that a year or two of sacrifice would lead to a lifetime of freedom. And it did. Through some serious hard work, perseverance, patience, and willingness to learn, I did in fact build a massive organization in just a years’ time! In fact, so massive that I won Top Beachbody Coach 2010 out of over 50,000 coaches in the U.S.! Because of everything that I had done, I had literally created financial independence for my family and I in just 1 YEAR! Yes, 1 year. Now, we are living the dream. We have our dream home, dream car, and have practically no debt outside of our house payment. We have the freedom to do what we want, when we want, and can travel and take as many breaks from work as we want to, all because of me putting in 1 year of hard work and commitment.

That’s what possible if you can commit yourself for just 1 year. Whatever your goal is, make 2013 the year of all years, the year that you CHANGE THINGS for good! Will it be hard? Of course it will, but the key is to just keep pushing forward every day. Don’t let obstacles slow you down and never ever ever give up on yourself! If you start to have issues with motivation, always keep that end goal in sight and mind. That’s what I did. Whenever things would get tough, I imagined myself living a life without worry, and that’s what kept me going day in and day out. My family deserved freedom, and there was no way I was going to let them down, no way. Giving up would mean giving up on them, and that’s something that I just couldn’t accept! So if you are looking to get into shape, create financial security, or better a relationship this coming year, commit yourself 100% toward it. Don’t allow another year to go by where you are disappointed in yourself! If I can do it, so can you.

Oh and if you are looking to get into shape, talk to me about it. That’s what I do, help people stay committed! Just email me at

Dec 14

Instant Gratification Problems

Josh Spencer Bora Bora

We live in an instant gratification society, and no, that’s not a good thing. Everything from fast food to the lottery, to cell phones and Google, we have been taught over the last 20 years that things should come easy and fast. What’s happening is that this mentality and way of life is falsely teaching people that results with everything they do should happen quickly. That’s why you see so many “lose weight fast” diets and pills on the market today. Marketing companies aren’t idiots, and they know what now attracts people. Quick and easy is the way to go.

Getting Beyond Instant Gratification

There is a MAJOR flaw in this way of living. People expect quick and easy results with certain things, but those results never come. So what do they do? They move on to the next quick and easy thing, thinking it’s going to work for them next time. This happens over and over again to the point where people just give up all together because of constant let down and frustration. I’ve got news for you people, results with ANYTHING takes hard work, consistency, and TIME! Success doesn’t come easy. Sorry, but it’s the truth. If you want to succeed with fitness, business, and even your relationships, you have to throw out all notion of instant gratification.

Instant Gratification and Business

There is a reason I posted the picture above. It’s a picture of me riding in a boat in Bora Bora, Tahiti. At that moment I was rushed with emotion because I was actually there, in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, and it’s something that I EARNED because of my hard work and commitment with the Beachbody business. If I would have believed in instant gratification when I first started as a Beachbody Coach, I wouldn’t have been in that spot at that time. No way, because I would have quit at the first time of struggle, of an obstacle or failure. But that’s not what I’ve been taught by my parents, grandparents, and personal development books. I knew that if I wanted to build a successful business from the ground up, it was going to call for a LOT of patience on my part. Trust me when I say this, patience and me do not go well together, never have, but I have learned to accept that it’s an important part of success. It took me an entire year to even remotely begin to understand the business, and another 6 months to make it a full time job. Even at that point, though, I was only making enough to support my family and pay my bills. However, because of my hard work and commitment to the business, I have been able to establish complete freedom for my family and I, and have been able to travel around the world and visit some of the most amazing places on this planet. If you want to succeed with your business, you’ve got to understand that instant gratification is not in the formula for success.

Instant Gratification and Fitness

As a Beachbody Coach, instant gratification has caused a lot of frustration on my end because I see way too many people give up too early when trying to get into shape. My job is to help people get results, but because we are such an instant gratification society, it’s hard to keep people motivated long enough to even begin to start seeing results. After 1 week of changing their diet, working out every day, being extremely sore, they don’t quite understand why they haven’t lost 40 lbs yet and begin to become frustrated. They question whether or not the program works, and then quit and move on to the next “lose weight fast” scheme. What they don’t understand is that if they gave it just a few more weeks, would have been a little more patient, they would have begun to experience some pretty drastic results. And then after the entire 90 days of 100% commitment, they could possibly have gotten into the best shape of their life. It happened to me, so I’m confident that it could happen to them as well. P90X changed my life back in 2008, but only because I was patient and committed ENTIRELY to both the workouts and the diet for 90 days straight. If you are trying to get into shape, understand that results will take time, and have a little PATIENCE! Also remember that it’s not going to come easy, but if you can commit every day to eating healthy, taking supplements like Shakeology, and work out to a program like P90X, the results WILL COME! Trust me, I have coached thousands and thousands of people, and the ones who throw out the idea of instant gratification are the ones who get the results.

I really hope this post has opened your eyes and shown you that if you want results with anything, you’ve got to work hard and commit yourself every single day over a long period of time. That’s just how it works with everything, from your health to your relationships. Throw out instant gratification and have some PATIENCE! If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email me at

Dec 05

How to Deal With Failure

how to deal with failure

12 years ago I was 15 years old. It was at that age where my life changed forever. Why? That was when I learned how to deal with failure. I hit a low point in my life at that point, and it was all because I let failure eat away at me until I was too scared to do anything. I literally feared failing. Learning how to deal with failure is a HUGE key to success, and I’m going to explain why and share my story.

How to Deal With Failure – Where It Started

I started playing baseball at the age of 5 years old. It was my entire life until I graduated college about 17 years later. For years and years I traveled around the country partaking in tournaments, playing around 120 games per year. As you may know, baseball is a sport of failure. A great baseball player will fail 7 out of 10 times at the plate, giving him a .300 batting average. A .300 batting average at the pro level should get you into the Hall of Fame! However, it’s not easy getting to that .300 mark. Why? Because 70% of the time you fail, and you have to be able to know how to deal with failure if you want to be able to become successful.

I had a hard time dealing with failure. When I struck out it ate away at me. I would become so ticked off at myself and nervous that I would do it again that guess what happened? Yeah, I would strike out again, and again, and again. If I would strike out during my first plate appearance for the day, my entire day was ruined for me, and that’s not good if you play a double or triple header during a day. There were a few days that I remember having 8 strike outs and literally going 0-12 because I let failure affect me SO MUCH!

It started getting real bad for me at the age of 12 and finally hit its peak at 15, to the point where I thought about quitting baseball. I no longer enjoyed the game because all I could think about was not striking out, not making an error, and it just stressed the heck out of me! The summer of the year when I was 15 was the worst, and my fear of failure became so bad that I was in the .100’s for batting average and my coach benched me. It was embarrassing. I have never been benched before, and there is nothing worst than sitting there and watching your team play while you keep the score, and knowing that you are the only reason why you aren’t out there. That day I got home, went upstairs in my room, teared up and just held my head in my head, not knowing what I was going to do next. “Should I quit?” was all I was thinking. That was when I got a knock on my door. My dad walked in, threw a book down on my bed and demanded that I read it. He didn’t say anything else and just walked out. That book was “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Scwhartz. Dad knew that the key to my success in baseball was to get my mind right and learn how to deal with failure. Now it’s very rare that my dad tells me to do something, so I took him very seriously and started reading the book right there. Little did I know that not only would that book changed around my baseball career, but also my financial future as well.

Dealing With Failure – Making Changes

“The Magic of Thinking Big” absolutely changed my life. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. It taught me how to deal with failure, the importance of believing in myself, thinking big, setting goals, and defeating fear. When I got through the book, I read it again, and again, and again until all of those concepts were drilled into my mind. A few months later I started to notice a drastic change in my baseball game. I was more confident in myself, didn’t get as upset with myself, and most importantly, learned how to deal with failure. Now, understand that this was not a process that happened overnight. I had to train my mind to BELIEVE in these principles, and when you have years and years of negative thinking, it can be a tough and long process to change it, but I did. Negative thoughts would occasionally creep into my mind, but I just had to replace them with positive ones. Over years and years of reading personal development books, I was able to change the way I thought and deal with failure the proper way.

I gained back my starting position in baseball and started becoming better and better. My senior year In high school (I started Varsity all 4 years) I started center field, was leadoff hitter, and went to the State Championship with my team. We didn’t win, but ended up the season 32-2. I then ended up getting a scholarship to play in college and had unbelievable junior and senior years, leading the team to a National Championship and winning All League First Team Honors. After I graduated college, I began a career as a Financial Advisor, but quickly turned my attention to starting my own business by becoming a Beachbody Coach. In 2010 I won Top Beachbody Coach our of over 50,000 coaches in the country and also created complete financial independence for my family and I. I also was an Elite Top 10 coach in 2011 and will be Elite once again this year. How did I accomplish so much in such a short amount of time? Believing in myself, working hard, and dealing with failure the right way.

How to Deal With Failure – Keys in Doing So

Now on to how exactly I dealt with failure. What did “The Magic of Thinking Big” teach me? The hardest part for me was accepting failure. I looked at it like it was a bad thing and tried to avoid it all all costs. What was interesting is that the more I feared and avoided it, the more it happened and the more I got down on myself. After reading the book, I learned that in order for me to succeed with anything I did, I had to ACCEPT failure. Instead of looking at failure as a negative, I had to turn my thinking around and look at it as a positive. Now you might be asking, “How in the world can it be a positive?” I’ll tell you why. Failure WILL HAPPEN, there is no getting around it. The people who succeed are the people who understand that principle. Instead of getting down on yourself because of failing, you have to look at it as a learning tool. Failure now teaches me what I need to do different in order to keep moving forward towards my goals. If I never failed, I would never succeed. Does that make sense? Once I come across a failure, which I have many, many times in both my baseball and business career, instead of continuing to do the same things over and over again, I learn from those failures, make the necessary adjustments, and keep chugging along towards my goals. Failure holds a lot of people back, but not me. Most people quit when they fail, but I smile, make adjustments, and continue succeeding. Once you can do so yourself, your life will change, I promise you.

What are some of the things you can do to change your thinking? Personal development and more personal development. Seriously, you should be reading AT LEAST 10 pages of a personal development book EVERY SINGLE DAY! Don’t take this lightly either. To this day I still read personal development, and I have been very successful. I still understand the importance of it, and it’s something that I will do for as long as I possibly can. If you want to know how to deal with failure and get your mind right, this is where you start. If you don’t like reading, they have personal development audio you can listen to. And don’t use time as an excuse either. You can pop a CD in your car and listen to it to and from work, when you’re working out, etc. There is time, there is always time. It’s all about prioritizing, and this should be one of your priorities. Some of the other books that I recommend are “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, “The Art of Exceptional Living” by Jim Rohn, and “Talent is Never Enough” by John Maxwell. If you want to know more, just contact me.

Last, I want to finish up with this. As you noticed, there is a picture above and you might be thinking, “What does this have to do with how to deal with failure?” I’ll tell you what it has to do with it. This is a picture of my friends, Melinda, and I on a paid vacation in St. Thomas because of the success I’ve had with the Beachbody Business. I would have never been there if I didn’t learn how to deal with failure. That trip is just one of many, many trips I have won, but it’s one of the first and meant a lot to me. It was a massive accomplishment, and it made me feel great for all the hard work I’ve put into the business.

If you struggle with dealing with failure, I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out to me at I’m here to help!

Nov 01

Motivation to Work Out

motivation to work out

Ah yes, something that many people struggle with, how to find motivation to work out. I’m going to be honest here, and it’s something that I used to struggle with back in the day, especially right before I began my P90X journey, but over the past 5 years I have discovered some secrets that have kept me motivated to work out on a daily basis, and I’m going to share those secrets with you now.

5 Tips for Finding Motivation to Work Out

(1) Accountability partner, or in my case, a Beachbody Coach. When I began my P90X journey back in March of 2008, I knew that if I was going to commit myself every single day to the workouts and the diet that I would need someone there to hold me accountable. Thankfully I was assigned to a random coach named Barbie, who was in contact with me daily, answering my questions, holding me accountable, and it gave me all the motivation to work out that I needed. Whenever I struggled, she was there to pick me right back up, encouraging me, telling me that I could do it. Find yourself an accountability partner when working out, and it will help tremendously if you need motivation to work out. (Make me your Beachbody Coach!)

(2) Create goals for yourself. What you need to do is go to Wal-Mart, purchase a white dry erase board, write down your fitness goals on it, and hang it somewhere you will see it every single day. When you can actually see your goals every day, it’s helps you to stay focused on what you need to do to achieve them. Whenever I lacked motivation to work out, all I had to do was look up at my goals hanging on my living room wall, and that was enough right there to work out and eat healthy that day.

(3) Take progress pictures. Many people don’t understand that it’s very tough to see changes happen in your body because you see yourself every single day. If you take progress pictures every 30 days, though, and compare them to your Day 1 pictures, you will be able to notice the difference. Once you see real physical changes in your body from the progress pictures, it gives you even more motivation to work out because you want to continue on that path. Plus, who wants their progress pictures to look worst than the last?

(4) Plan a beach vacation. Yeah, I said it, plan a trip that REQUIRES you to wear a bathing suit! Why? Because you’re going to bust your rear every single day so you’re not embarrassed walking around in your bathing suit in public. This is something that I have done MANY TIMES, and it’s helped tremendously when I was looking for ways on how to get motivated to work out.

(5) Take a pre-workout supplement. A lot of people struggle with the energy to workout, so something that I have always done is take a pre-workout supplement, which gives me the boost I need to get through a workout. Plus, if I don’t feel like working out, I will force myself to walk into the kitchen and take a pre-workout supplement like E&E because I know I won’t waste it. That seems to do the trick when I don’t have motivation to work out!

If you struggle with finding motivation to work out, hopefully you will find those motivation tips above helpful. If you have any questions or need help with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at