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Dec 03

What is P90X3?


First there was P90X, then P90X2, and now P90X3? Yes sir, the next advanced home workout program will be available on December 10th, 2013! P90X changed my life, no doubt about that, and then I was fortunate enough to be featured in the P90X2 Shoulders & Arms workout. Even though I might be a little biased since I was in the program, P90X2 still is one of my favorites. It’s focus on core is what I was missing in my workouts, and I felt like it got me into the best overall physical condition I’ve ever been in before! Now, though, there’s P90X3, and from what I’ve been seeing about it, man, it’s going to be a GREAT one! So what exactly is P90X3?

Personally, I’m real excited about this program, probably just as much if not more than I was with Body Beast. Why? A lot of reasons. In October we had our second child, Alaina,

P90X3 Results

and unfortunately she is extremely colicky, and any parent with a colicky child knows that taking care of the child takes up a lot of time. With P90X3 being just 30 minutes long, I will be able to get in an excellent workout in a short period of time, not taking too much time away from caring for Alaina, but yet allowing me to stay healthy at the same time. P90X3 will be great for anyone with a busy schedule. On top of that, it has a balance of cardio and resistance workouts. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of cardio programs, only because I don’t like cardio, but I do know the importance of incorporating some cardio routines into my workout regimen. Plus, it’s so important to lift weights to maintain some mass, which is something I just don’t want to lose. With a balance of both cardio and resistance, I think P90X3 is going to be my new favorite program.

P90X3 Facts

  • Workouts are 30 minutes long.
  • It’s a 90 day program, split into 3 blocks, similar to P90X.
  • Purchase it from a Beachbody Coach (Don’t have a coach? Make me your coach by clicking here!) and receive FREE shipping until 12/31!
  • Purchase the P990X3 Challenge Pack from a Coach and receive a FREE P90X3 hat! Valid until 12/31.
  • P90X3 Pricing
    • Base Kit – $119.85 + S&H
    • Deluxe Kit (Base Kit + 3 additional workouts, tub of E&E, 3 B-Line Resistance Bands) – $239.70 + S&H
    • Ultimate Kit (Deluxe Kit + Tub of Recovery Formula, P90X Chin-Up Bar, P90X Chin-Up Max, Beachbody Jump Mat) – $329.55 + S&H
    • P90X Challenge Pack (P90X3 + Shakeology Home Direct) – December special at $180
  • Order by 12/15 and have it GUARANTEED to be delivered before Christmas!
  • P90X3 is a SEPARATE program from P90X and P90X2, meaning you don’t have to complete the other two before starting this one.
  • Beginners can do P90X3!
  • The program comes with an excellent, updated Nutrition Guide. There will be Vegan options available as well.
  • There are 16 workouts in the P90X3 Base system.
  • The P90X3 Deluxe Package comes with 3 additional workouts.
  • An MMX workout, Pilates type workout, Agility workout, and Isometric workout will be included in the program.
  • 39 out of 40 people in the test group lost 10% body fat or more! (INSANE!)
  • Equipment: free weights or bands and a pull-up bar (optional but I recommend it).
  • There will be modified, in between, and advanced versions for the exercises.
  • The ab workout is excellent.

Like I said, I’m really looking forward to starting P90X3 in a few weeks! My wife Melinda is going to be doing it with me, and this will be the first time she has worked out in a year because of being pregnant. We are both really excited to see what kind of results we get! We will be holding a Challenge Group on Facebook if you’re interested, and all you have to do is send me a message over there. Just “LIKE” my page and then message me, or you can email me at If you are ready to purchase P90X3, click on SHOP below! Like I said, it won’t be available until December 10th.


Feb 06

P90X2 Body Beast Hybrid Workout

A few weeks ago I made the decision that I wanted to get into the best shape of my life before I head to Disney World in March. I’ve been in extremely good shape before, back when I finished my 2nd round of P90X, but with the introduction of Body Beast into my routine, I now feel that I can maintain the size I gained and get very lean at the same time. So after a while of thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to follow a Body Beast P90X2 hybrid workout. I’m not sure if it’s been done before, in fact, I don’t think it has, so I want to do it. Why a P90X2 Body Beast hybrid? I’ll share that below.

Hybrid Program

P90X2 Body Beast hybridP90X2 was by far my favorite program before Body Beast came out, and no, it’s not because I’m in the Shoulders & Arms video. It’s because it’s very advanced and sports focused, and that appeals to me since I’m a former college baseball player. Anything that’s challenging and involves improving athletic performance, sign me up! If you don’t know what P90X2 is, it’s the so-called sequel to P90X (makes sense, right?), and like I mentioned above, it’s very sports focused. Many of the moves target the core and force you to stay balanced. For example, instead doing normal Arnold presses, you stand on one foot and alternate. If it sounds challenging, it is! Also, a lot of the exercises involve the use of medicine and balance balls, again, to focus on core strength and balance. There is another move where you put your legs on a balance ball and do Diamond push-ups on a medicine ball. Talk about tough, this is one that tops the list! Putting the resistance workouts to the side for a minute, the cardio workouts absolutely ROCK! Plyocide has to be my favorite, and it’s similar to P90X Plyometrics, but on steroids with some added tougher moves.

What about Body Beast? Body Beast is the new mass gaining program that was released by Beachbody this past summer. I went through 90 days of it and ended up gaining about 15 lbs in mass! I got MASSIVE! It quickly became my new favorite program because it reminded me of working out in the gym during college. However, Body Beast taught me the importance of things like giant and progressive sets and proper supplementation when it comes to gaining mass, things that I didn’t have a ton of knowledge on before. When I went through Body Beast, I literally became the strongest I had ever been before, even stronger than I was in college!

So here I am now, starting a P90X2 Body Beast hybrid program. Why? Because I want to increase my athletic performance, stay lean and flexible, but maintain the size that I put on going through Body Beast. It’s going to be tough to do, but I know I’ll be able to do it. The diet that I’m going to follow is going to be a Body Beast P90X2 hybrid combination, but only take in around 2,000 calories per day. It’s low, but it’s going to be important that I stick to right around that amount if I want to lean out. The key to maintaining the mass is going to be supplement timing. So what supplements am I going to take? I’m going to stick with my normal pre-workout supplements, E&E and the Body Beast Suma pills, and also take Shakeology for recovery and Sun Warrior brown rice protein as a snack during the day. I’m not going to take the Base Shake or Fuel Shot because I’m looking to lean out, not gain weight and mass. When am I going to take the supplements? The E&E and Suma pills about 25 minutes before the workout, the Shakeology directly following the workout (with organic peanut butter and a banana added), and the brown rice protein as a snack in between lunch and dinner. As far as the rest of my diet goes, I’m going to do my best to stay away from dairy and bread products. This is going to be VERY TOUGH on me because I love whole wheat bread and pasta, but I am going to try to keep gluten out of my diet for now. I will replace it with fruits, oats, and brown rice products.

What about the actual P90X2 Body Beast hybrid schedule? I’m planning on doing 1 cardio from P90X2, probably Plyocide, a week until the last few weeks where I will add in another. For some reason my body responds the best to resistance workouts, and when I do too much cardio I start to lose muscle mass. With the resistance workouts, I’m going to be combining P90X2 and Body Beast moves for each workout. For example, yesterday when I did my chest routine, I did 3 sets of 3 Body Beast moves and 2 sets of 3 of P90X2 moves on a balance and medicine balls. Today when I do Shoulders & Arms, I plan on doing the same. So it’s not that I’m alternating P90X2 and Body Beast workouts every day, but rather combining them.

I will definitely keep you updated on my progress and will be getting professional pictures taken in about a month in a half, so I will be posting those as well. If you have any questions about what I’m doing, feel free to reach out to me at If you don’t have a Beachbody Coach yet and want me to coach you, just click here! If you already have a Team Beachbody account, email me and I can give you further instructions. Now it’s time to BRING IT and BEAST UP!

Nov 21

Body Beast Review Tommy M.

body beast review

Body Beast is a program that has absolutely EXPLODED over the past 3 months, thanks to it being one of the first and most effective mass gaining workout programs released! I have gone through the program myself, and you can check out my Body Beast Review. However, I wanted to share another Body Beast Review with you all, coming from one of the people I coach, Tommy. He absolutely ROCKED the program! Check it out.

Body Beast Review – Tommy

“My beachbody journey started in May 2012 when I started p90x with a determination to actually finish it this time. Two months later I had lost 25 pounds and was lighter than I had been even back in high school. During the final 30 days of p90x, I started taking creatine and using heavier weights in my workouts to try to pack on some muscle mass. It worked slightly but I wanted more. Then I saw that beachbody had just released the new program Body Beast, so I purchased it immediately and started it in August 2012 after completing p90x.

The Body Beast program is truly amazing! Sagi is an outstanding trainer, and “The Book of Beast” was like my bible during those 12 weeks of the program. It tells you exactly what to eat, what supplements to take, when to take them, along with tons of other useful information such as recipes, how to take pictures, etc. As for the workouts… they are very intense and do not give you a lot of rest. You will work one to two areas of your body really hard for 30 to 50 minutes, and you will be sore and sweating at the end of it. This program produces amazing results if you follow it the way it was designed and “have fun with it” as Sagi says. Even after just having finished p90x, I was still sore the day after working out certain body parts, especially the Build Legs workout!

After completing 12 weeks of the huge beast version of the program, I gained 11 pounds of lean muscle while growing my arms from 13.5 to 14.5 inches, my chest from 39.5 inches to 42 inches, and my thighs from 22 to 23.5 inches! My back and shoulders also got much noticeably bigger. My body fat did increase slightly from about 13.5% to 15%, but that will be an easy fix as I have already started the lean beast version of the program for round two in an attempt to get huge while also shredding some fat! The amount of weight that I can lift for each body part has increased abundantly during my 12 weeks using this program, even doubling on many moves. If you are looking to get bigger and stronger, I would definitely recommend body beast as your next program. Beast up wth me!”

– Tommy M.

As you can see from the Body Beast Review that Tommy posted and from his pictures, he got AMAZING Body Beast Results! Body Beast is a program that works, and is now my favorite Beachbody workout program. And yes, that’s tough for me to say since I’m actually in the P90X2 videos! Anyways, if you’re looking to gain mass, Body Beast is the way to go, period. Oh and also, if you decide to go through Body Beast and want some help, you can make me your Beachbody Coach! I will help you get great Body Beast results, just like I helped Tommy!

Oct 16

P90X2 Review

p90x2 reviewAh yes, P90X2. Where do I start? I do have to say first, though, that I absolutely LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I’ve been addicted to Beachbody programs ever since starting P90X back in 2008, and the new P90X2 program has quickly emerged as one of my favorites. Let me share my P90X2 review with you.

Review of P90X2

When I first started P90X, I really thought that it was a TOUGH workout, and it was, but as I got into better and better shape, the workouts became easier, and it got to the point during my 2nd round of P90X where I needed something more. I turned to a P90X Insanity hybrid workout since there was nothing else out at the time to really challenge me, but I kept getting excited because I heard rumors that a new P90X was coming out. I had no idea when that would be, but I kept patiently waiting. About a year later I finally got wind that P90X2 would be released in December of 2011. Not too long after that Beachbody held a tryout at the Dallas Leadership Event to be in the videos, and I was one of the small few selected! In January of the following year I flew out to Hollywood to be in the P90X2 Shoulders & Arms workout.

The actual P90X2 workout program was released later that year, and I was one of the first to order because I wanted to start it right away. What excited me the most about the program was how advanced the workouts were, and how it was more sports focused than the original. Being a former college baseball player and conditioning coach, I’m always looking for ways to improve my own and others’ athletic performance. P90X2 involves a LOT of core and balance training, but also works on explosiveness with jump training (plyometrics) and involves strength training as well using body weight and free weights. Many of the body weight exercises involve the use of a balance ball or medicine ball, really forcing you to engage your core muscles. For example, in the P90X2 Chest, Back, and Balance workout, you do an exercise where your feet are on a balance ball and you are doing diamond push-ups on a medicine ball. When I first did this exercise, I could barely stay balanced long enough to complete one rep, but after going through the 90 days, I was able to bust out between 12 and 15. The other body weight exercises are the pull-ups, and they are way more advanced and unique than the exercises done in the first PX90. For example, there is one exercise where you hold yourself in an “X” position and do the pull-ups, not allowing you to cheat by kipping. What’s great about all these is that they allow you to work on muscles that you have never worked before.

Hopefully you are enjoying reading my P90X2 review so far, and I do want to talk about some of the cardio workouts, especially Plyocide and X2 Core. Plyocide is crazy, period. Throughout much of the workout you are doing jump training exercises, like squat jumps, using a medicine ball, so not only are you getting in a great cardio workout, you are working your core and legs as well. The entire workout consists of 5 series of 4 exercises each with limited rest time in between. Next, let me talk about X2 core. This is such a unique workout because I’ve never done one like it before. Yes, you’re working your entire core in this workout, but you’re constantly moving and pushing yourself, causing it to sort of become a cardio workout as well. One of my favorite moves from the entire workout is where you are standing on one leg, have the other pinned to your ankle, have a medicine ball in your hands, and jump down, do a push-up, and then jump back up, all while only having one leg touch the ground the entire time. Another one is the Dreya rolls with a medicine ball, making it MUCH TOUGHER than the Dreya rolls we all have grown to love in P90X!

Hopefully my P90X2 review has been helpful, and when it all comes down to it, P90X2 is an AMAZING workout that has a balance of cardio and resistance training and an excellent diet plan. If you’re an athlete looking to take your skills to another level or just someone in great shape looking for a Challenge, P90X2 is definitely the way to go! If you have any questions about the program, feel free to reach out to me at