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Team Beachbody UK Coaching Opportunity Men

Top Beachbody Coaches coming to the UK

  As one of the Top Beachbody Coaches in the network, I’ve been waiting on this to happen for years, but Team Beachbody is finally coming to the UK! The official Team Beachbody UK launch date is October 19th, 2017. There are only a select few male dominated UK Team Beachbody teams available to choose […]

How To Stop Your Bullshit Excuses

If you don’t know me, the first thing you need to know is that I’m about as straightforward as it comes. I don’t mind telling people how it is, but it’s not because I’m trying to be an asshole. Rather, I know that in order to help people move forward I have to tell them what […]

Beachbody Coach For Men

There are a lot of women Beachbody Coaches in the Team Beachbody network, so if you’re trying to find a Beachbody Coach for men, there’s pretty slim pickings. Hell, I think 90% of the network, or something crazy like that, is women. Of those 10% or less that are men, not all of them are actually […]

Man Up Episode 2 – Grocery Lies

If you haven’t watched “MAN UP!” Episode 2 yet (above), I talked about the lies that grocery suppliers are telling to consumers. Because we have begun to become more knowledgeable about junk food VS healthy food, suppliers have jumped on board the “health train” and will purposely deceive consumers into thinking that something is healthy […]

Beachbody All Access Explained

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and haven’t heard yet, the Beachbody All Access pass became available today, Dec. 27th. If you have no idea what the Beachbody All Access pass even is, I’m going to explain that below, along with answer any typical questions that may be asked about it. […]

How to Be a Successful Male Beachbody Coach

Ah yes, something I get asked about quite often, how to be a successful male Beachbody Coach. If you look at Team Beachbody as a whole, it’s mostly made up of women. However, there are some very successful male Coaches out there who have done it right and built massive teams made up of mostly men. My team […]