Get the BEST Start a Coach can have

Work with the Most Successful Male Beachbody Coach

Hi, I'm Josh Spencer, and when it comes to getting people results, in either their fitness - or as an Entrepreneur - I get results. Now not everybody appreciates my tone - I call people out on their bullshit, and don't take excuses, so if you are here looking for a participation medal - you should move along. If on the other hand you want to become a great Beachbody Coach and help a lot of people - read on.

I know the importance of getting your business started strong, and even though the UK launch is a couple of months away, you can start building now, and hit the ground running.

For those who pre-commit to working with me when we launch in Autumn, I've worked with the guy who handles my marketing, to offer you an exclusive 8 week training course. Working with Steve usually costs $1,000's of dollars, because he truly understands how to find your target market, and move them from interest to working with you.

You'll learn

  • How to work out who your customers are
  • What value to deliver them and how to keep them interested
  • How to create a funnel of potential clients, and business partners
  • How to build your own website, landing page and email series
  • How to advertise on Facebook
  • Other income streams you can build in to your business